• July 16, 2024
Hurricane Irma-Themed Cakes Are A Thing

Hurricane Irma-Themed Cakes Are A Thing

With several major Hurricanes already this season, many parts of the US are completely devastated. But that has not stopped Floridians preparing to take on Hurricane Irma by eating cake.

Dozens of images of hurricane-themed baked goods have begun popping up on social media this week, with several being spotted at various Publix locations, a Florida-based supermarket chain:



Images of colourful cakes with blue, yellow and green icing swirled to resemble satellite images of the hurricane started popping up on social media this week. The Florida-based supermarket Publix was one of the first to offer up hurricane-themed cakes in their stores.

In one photo uploaded to Twitter on Thursday, a Publix cake is shown with green swirly icing and plastic palm trees and a surfboard poking out of the top as well as a Muskoka chair that appears to be tossed on its side from the storm.

The internet, of course, is divided. Some people think the cakes are a classic bit of Floridian gallows humor. Others actually appreciate the message — one cake, after all, says “Go Away, Irma.”

Plus, who couldn’t use a tasty slice of fondant-engulfed cake during a trying time?


thers, however, worry that the cakes are trivializing a deadly storm that has already taken numerous lives.

“Might be OK if it wasn’t a [Category 4] storm that will kill people,” one person tweeted.

Still, it seems that most Floridian tweeters are okay with the cakes. A lot of people seem to be buying them — some have even lamented that they couldn’t find one at their nearest Publix.

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