• July 22, 2024

High-Powered EV Charging Stations By Electrify America Are Back Online

Electrify America has reinstated its complete network of EV charging stations after a fractional outage. It took most of its high-fueled (350 kW and 150 kW) chargers offline last week after supplier Huber+Suhner verified a “security problem” connected to charging cables for liquid cooling.

High-Powered EV Charging Stations By Electrify America Are Back Online

“The suggestion from Huber+Suhner followed after an isolated event encountered at a private test plant in Europe with an early liquid-cooled prototype cable, akin to those equipped on some of charging dispensers by Electrify America,” claimed Electrify America to the media in an interview. As per Huber+Suhner, a plug in a high-fuel charging system had some issue.

“The security of our users is our highest precedence,” Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO at Electrify America, claimed to the media in an interview. “Extensive testing all over the weekend and this week displayed that the cables have met all industry norms for employment, and consequently, we are bringing our complete network back to full capability.”

On a related note, VW needs to make sure that you will always have sufficient range to use an electric vehicle home after a concert or big game. The firm has provided a peek at a mobile station whose 100 kW DC quick charging and 360 kWh charging capacity can top up to almost 15 EVs (comprising ID cars by the firm) with an estimated time of 17 Minutes. Rather than having to hunt for a devoted station post an event, you can charge the car in a parking lot. But what if it runs low? The organizers just have to exchange it out for a new one.

It can also act as a stable station when it is plugged into supplies with almost 30 kW. In those incidents, it can be fully recharge and green via wind or solar energy. It can also be useful for taking some of the load at peak hours off the domestic electrical grid.

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