The Earth seems to be under great threat as per the NASA scientists as there are high possibilities that a meteor can strike in addition to the nearing asteroid impact that is very well imminent. The scientists have already raised an alarm against the terrifying futuristic aspect. The chances of facing the apocalyptic threat as per the NASA scientists are no doubt truthful as the day our Earth could have an asteroid strike it is not that far away. According to Chief Scientist Jim Bridenstine at NASA, the warning is alarming as the evidence proving that the planet is definitely going to have a threat from the outer space destroying its peaceful world is already claimed. The planets defense against a striking meteor is when the concern came up. At the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in College Park is where the debate over the impact was seeded by Bridenstine.

The debt over the futuristic events has become a consecutive task among the international community of “planetary defense” connoisseurs. In 2019, the conference has the scientists working towards developing techniques to combat the outer space asteroid impacts and also plan for emergency evacuations. The host of life seems to be under great threat and the only chance remaining is to protect it from a human existential threat. Another asteroid is definitely going to strike the Earth as per the scientists but the timings and date are what still remains unclear. The high-consequence event could turn out to be a control-alt-delete for everything.

At the time of a simulation trial, NASA despite being given 8 Years to prepare had completely failed to stop a meteor from hitting the Earth that is the 2013 Chelyabinsk Event that had literally destroyed Russia. There were many deaths and infrastructural destructions experienced by the nation due to the external space impact. There was a meteor going to hit New York wherein the emergency evacuation warnings were given but the speed and energy of the impact destroyed everything greater than a nuclear bomb would. For now, NASA has joined hands with SpaceX to construct a Double Asteroid Redirection Test in order to avoid any such collision in the future. The space agency assumes to detect 90% of the asteroids in 140 Meters or more of range using the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.