• April 15, 2024

Another Leak At ISS, Non-Dangerous But A Bit Messy One

About 11 L of water seeped out into the ISS (International Space Station) during work to get ready for the future installation of the UTS (Urine Transfer System). Though the event was minor in comparison to the more distressing pressure leak resulted by a hole in the since-left Soyuz MS-09, it once more underlines the commonplace maintenance needed on the orbital station that will play into lessons learned prior to crewed deep space journeying.


The leak took place during HMU 267 Power Cable Re-Routing assignment that is a needed operation to set up the Station for the UTS’ installation later this year. Team members were required to redirect the HMU 267 power cable below the Treadmill 2 Rack. Nevertheless, in order to complete this, the WHC Kabin (the toilet) required to be taken out and the WHC Rack revolved out of the way.

L2 ISS Status Information noted, “While demating the Quick Disconnect (QD) that provides potable water at the rack to WHC, the crew accounted a sticky QD that made potable water to seep out into the cabin. The QD leak’s initial troubleshooting didn’t solve the problem and the squad eventually remated the QD, though not before approximately 11-L water seeped out. The crew was capable of cleaning the water utilizing a considerable sum of towels and subsequent to separating the potable bus at the PWD the squad demated the QD at the opening.”

Further, the status added, “The WHC rack was reinstalled successfully and inspected after the activity’s completion. The potable water bus was re-pressurized and the device is back in a standard configuration.”

Likewise, a new scan of an ISS module demonstrated numerous hundred impact craters from “prowling” debris, as per the ESA. But to date, the European Columbus science lab’s hull is doing its work in shielding astronaut crews.

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