• June 25, 2024

8 Reasons to use Concrete as Driveway Pavement Material

A driveway is one of the major sections of our house. It is our responsibility to keep our driveway in good condition. A well-maintained driveway not just uplifts the visual appeal of our house but also prevent from major road accidents.

There are various types of pavement material that you can use for the formation of your driveway such as concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, etc. The concrete is one of the best pavement materials for residential driveway construction.

Here, in the articles, we will discuss that why should you pick concrete as your driveway paving material:

1. Less Maintenance

The initial investment cost may be higher in the case of the concrete driveway as compared to asphalt but the maintenance cost of a concrete driveway is less. Most people lean towards asphalt pavement material but they forget that they have to spend more on its maintenance.

The life of a concrete driveway is 60 percent higher than the asphalt driveway. Thus, the low initial cost of asphalt will be offset by high expenses on its maintenance. In the case of a concrete driveway, you do not have to spend more for maintenance purposes.

2. Enhance the Beauty of your House

The light grey color of the concrete driveway can enhance the curb appeal of your house. And, there is also various other color option available with concrete pavement. Did you know that the colored concrete is available in the market?

If you want to have a dark texture in your driveway, then you should pick stamped concrete. The imprinted concrete driveway will make your house look classy. Moreover, the exposed aggregates provide the three-dimensional appearance to your driveway. It would be even better if you would hire deck and screened porch contractors for the additional aesthetics of your house.

3. Reflect Heat and Light

The Asphalt driveway absorbs light and heat, therefore, easily heat up during the summer season. But, if we consider the concrete pavement, then it reflects heat and lights, therefore, it remains cool during the winter season. The asphalt heat absorption technique is beneficial during the winter season, but it offers bad consequences during hot sweltering days.

Moreover, the light reflectance property of concrete will reduce the light requirement in your driveway. That means you have to install fewer lighting fixtures in your driveway and it ultimately reduces your utility expenses.

4. Capable to Handle Huge Volume

The concrete pavement offers good strength and high flexibility. Therefore, it can easily handle a huge volume of traffic and heavy loads. You can easily drive your truck or any other vehicle on your driveway. The asphalt may suffer deterioration due to heavy vehicles. So, if you want to have a sturdy driveway at your home, call the best contractors in your area like concrete driveway Sydney contractors.

5. Long Life Span

With fewer maintenance expenses, the concrete pavement can last for a long time. The contraction joints and penetrating sealers can prevent your driveway from deterioration. After applying the clear sealers, you can protect your concrete driveway from de-icing solutions. The contraction joints help in separating the cracks that usually take place due to the shrinking of the concrete.

After installation of the asphalt driveway, the binder material immediately starts drying. The periodic seal coating is required to slow down the drying process. With the drying of binder material, the asphalt starts deteriorating.

6. Good Surface Characteristics

After installing the asphalt, it starts producing evaporative oily content. If you want over the asphalt surface, then this oily substance will stick on your shoes. This oily substance will also stick over your vehicle tires and make it difficult to drive over it. But, if we talk about the concrete driveway, then there will be no oily substance released by concrete driveway pavement.

7. Environmental-friendly

The energy cost associated with concrete driveway pavement is comparatively less than the asphalt driveway. Therefore, concrete is an environmentally-friendly solution for driveway pavement. The concrete driveway requires less energy for both the construction and placement of concrete.

The asphalt pavement requires a huge amount of heat energy to form the paving solution. Also, for seal coating, the asphalt road after 4 to 5 years will lead to more petroleum consumption. The concrete driveway does not require more energy to increase its lifespan. It can easily withstand adverse weather conditions.

8. High Resale Value of Your House

If you want to list your home for sale in the market, then you should maintain your driveway in a well-maintained condition. The good driveway will enhance the curb appeal of your house and attract more potential buyers who are ready to pay a good amount.

The concrete driveway will make it easier to sell your home at a good price. You do not have to invest more in driveway maintenance and you will get good money in return. Therefore, a concrete driveway is the best option out of all.

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