• May 25, 2024

2 Ex Airline CEOs Slam Govt. Over Shutdown

Former CEO of American Airlines Robert Crandall has slammed the US government for current crisis in civil services due to partial shutdown calling it irresponsible and dangerous for passengers’ safety. This was because in several airports across East Coast flights were disrupted due to increased sick leave among air traffic controllers forcing the government to end the ongoing shutdown and reopen the services at least temporarily. Flight delays were reported at airports in Newark, New York and Philadelphia and during a short period in Friday all flights into LaGuardia where halted by FAA.

Crandall’s statement was agreed to by former Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune who urged the government to end the shutdown immediately for the sake of public safety. They argued that inadequate staffing in essential services like airlines would erode safety of passengers and ground staff alike. Just a day before these issues were put forth about airline safety the Senate had blocked two bills that would have funded the government’s idea of a border wall between US and Mexico at least temporarily though there was a hope that they would agree to a short reprieve to end the crisis.

The president stated that new measure would be signed to start government operations immediately. These ongoing disruptions at airports have forced travel workers to issue warning as the current situation is very risky. Unions representing pilots, traffic controllers and flights attendants have declared in a joint statement that the risk under existing conditions is incalculable and it could break down at any point of time without warning. Crandall stated that the current situation is not a way to run any airline, government or a railroad system and long term planning for any kind of aviation cannot be done without anticipation of safety. He also praised the hard work and dedication of air traffic controllers for working without salary.

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