• July 22, 2024

Verizon Claims It Will Not Roll Out Fake 5G Logos Similar To AT&T

Verizon claims that it will not lie to users about whether their handset is linked to a 5G network, as AT&T has fundamentally began to do. “We will not take an old handset and just modify the software to covert the 4 into a 5 in the status bar,” claimed Kyle Malady, at Verizon chief technical officer, to the media in an interview.

The commitment follows right as AT&T has began to launch out updates doing precisely that: modifying the “LTE” logo in the corner of select handsets into a logo stating “5G E.” One may presume that a “5G E” link is same as a “5G” connection, but it is not. AT&T is just making us believe that the swifter parts of its LTE network are 5G and is attempting to get advantage on the 5G marketing battle by naming it “5G Evolution.”

T-Mobile is not pleased about the marketing crap either. Neville Ray, its CTO, claimed that AT&T was “duping users.” The firm joked about updating the iPhone to “9G” by placing a sticker on it.

On a related note, Verizon earlier declared a new deal for emergency first responders. The firm already provides exceptional plans for government organizations, but the new deal applies for first responders to personal user plans.

Local and state police, EMS, and fire employees are all entitled for the discount, be they retirees, present employees, or volunteers. Eligible users can receive $15 discount on their bill for an unlimited single line, $35 discount on 2 lines, or $40 discount on 3 or more lines, with the choice to modify the different flavors of “unlimited” plans that the carrier provides.

The decision comes just a couple of months after the firm got huge criticism for throttling unlimited plans of emergency responders in California, hampering the ability of firefighters to offer emergency services and deal with the Mendocino wildfires.

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