• July 16, 2024

Tim Cook Attacks Tech Firms For Data Hoarding; Defends His Own Firm

Tim cook, the CEO of the tech giant apple, has recently accused several tech firms for many reasons including data hoarding. The man, however, has defended his own company from the claims that are saying that the company has been taking money from Google. According to the reports, the tech giant Google literally pays Apple not less than nearly $9 million every year, in order to let the company’s search engine be the default search engine on the iPhone. This particular deal has the potential to compromise the privacy policy of Apple, as per some experts.

But the Apple chief has strongly defended the deal through the statement given to the media which says that Google’s search engine is actually the best one which is out there, while sharing more details about the same. The man has supported the company’s approach, as far as the privacy is concerned, as something which actually is a fundamental human right. The rivals of the company including Facebook as well as Google have been recently dragged into quite a few scandals in the recent past, while Tim has been very vocal about the record that apple has maintained over the years,

The man had also launched a verbal attack some time ago, mainly on the companies which are known to hoard the personal data. He said that the information that we deal with, be it every day information or personal information, all of it is actually getting weaponized, and this certainly calls for action. While the man did not mention the names of a few companies directly, which include Google, Facebook, and others, it was very easy to predict the same, as these companies have been in the news for using the large amount of data of the personal information mainly for the advertising which is personalized for the users.

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