• April 15, 2024

Technology Can Increase The Gender Employment Gap: The IMF Cautions

Technology is mostly supported as a huge leveler, allowing sudden and brushing economic development for big drapes of society. But it can also have a role in achieving a main societal divide, which is the gender employment gap. This is as per a new report from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which discovered that women experience a greater menace of losing their jobs to technology compared to their male counterparts. Over 26 Million women in leading economies can see their jobs relocated in the upcoming two decades if technology persists at its present rate, the IMF stated. That puts almost 11% at high jeopardy (a 70% probability) of job commotion compared to 9% of men, which can lead to a widening of the pay gap amid men and women, the report said.

The disparity found by the report is led chiefly by occupational divides, which consider women excessively represented in low-skilled, sales and clerical roles that are custom-heavy and therefore inclined to automation. That is a result of “self-selection,” women picking a certain profession, plus the exposure, the report said. “We found that on average, women performed more codifiable or routine tasks than men in all occupations and sectors,” the report’s authors wrote.

Speaking of the gender employment gap, recently, US President Donald Trump tried to interrupt a plan to end the gender pay gap. A federal judge commanded the Trump government to carry out a proposal to shut the gender pay breach, a plan the White House has spent the last 2 Years attempting to sabotage. Tanya Chutkan—the U.S. District Judge—scolded the government for illegally stopping an Obama-era regulation that needed businesses to report employee salary data by gender, race, and job title to the U.S. EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), which is the federal agency that implements civil rights laws.

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