• May 25, 2024

TCL And Roku Brainstorming On 8K HDR TV Launching This Year

TCL, which has proved itself as an incredible super TV maker, is designing an 8K TV in association with Roku, its software associate. The firms declared the project this week and claimed that the first 8K TCL Roku TV is planned for roll out by the end of this year. “Roku is creating an 8K hardware reference design, which TCL will be the first to approve,” the media report claims, with TCL also advertizing the picture performance provided by the LCDs that it develops in-house at its personal panel plant.

The firms claimed nothing about the primary challenge confronting 8K: a total lack of content that users need to see. Besides YouTube sizzle reels, there is really not much to see. A lot of firms such as LG and Samsung state that their advanced techs offer a noticeable update to 4K video, so it is expected that Roku and TCL will incline on upgrading as a selling point for this ultimate TV, too.

On a related note, Sonos earlier claimed that it is in talks to possibly add Roku voice control into its smart devices, as per the media report. The report claims that these are still “first round talks,” hence they are not a certain thing, but given that voice assistant by Roku is not out yet, that makes sufficient logic.

The joint venture, if it matures, would permit consumers to employ the microphones built within Sonos’ speakers to manage what is playing on their Roku-linked TVs, much similar to how you can already do with Voice Remote by Roku. The incorporation can be even more influential once Roku’s “Entertainment Assistant” rolls out, but we have not seen yet everything that it will be capable of. Integrating the two services can also make it simpler to sync and set up Sonos speakers with a Roku-linked TV.

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