• May 25, 2024

Study Reveals Mannose May Help Manage Cancer

According to a study, a nutritional supplement, mannose, has the potential to deplete the activeness of the carcinogenic cells while boosting the effects of the medicines and other modes of treatment.

Mannose is a type of sugar found in some of the fruits like cranberries. This was induced in the bodies of the mice that were affected by pancreatic, skin, or lung cancer. The research concluded that the growth of the malignant cells reduced significantly while there were no side-effects visible. Mannose is also used to treat certain UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections and restricts glucose to enter the malignant cells, which ceases its growth rate.

Mannose is available at the health food outlets and is about to enter the new genre of medical science. Though the positive effects of the supplement are relevant, people are asked not to consume it due to certain side-effects. However, the scientists are looking forward to testing the same on the humans soon.

The mice, who were introduced to this phenomenal ingredient, were treated with doxorubicin and cisplatin. These are the most widely accepted chemotherapy drugs. The scientists derived from the study that the treatment with mannose reduced the size of the tumors while fostered the effectiveness of chemotherapy. In fact, it also helped increase the lifespan of a few mice.

After the success of the initial test, cells from the other forms of cancer like osteosarcoma, leukemia, bowel cancer, and ovarian cancer were also introduced to mannose in the lab. Though all didn’t respond as the cancerous cells in mice, a few definitely responded well. However, the effect depended on the amount of mannose implemented to activate the effect.

According to the Lead Author of the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, Prof. Kevin Ryan, mannose is a magnificent ingredient that has the potential to control the production of cancer cells but the scientists have recognized the amount that can be implemented to deplete the effect of the malignant cells while not affecting the normal tissues.

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