• July 22, 2024

Spirulina May Lower Blood Pressure Study Reveals

According to the latest study, spirulina may contribute to the reduction in blood pressure. In fact, the study was supported by the identification of the active ingredient in the compound that results in the phenomenal outcome. Spirulina is also considered as a major participant in the booming niche of superfoods, which is readily taking over the elements present in a healthy diet.

Spirulina has been widely used as a supplement and is available in the form of a tablet. Since a huge number of people use this, the researchers have decided to get their hands on the nutritional ingredients and the health benefits related to the same.

Spirulina is derived from Spirulina plantesis in the form of dried biomass, which is the species of cyanobacteria and is widely known as blue-green algae. It comprises a high amount of iron and protein along with other nutrients and has accumulated much attention from the niches of malnutrition, food security, and space travel for a longer period.

Spirulina is used in various foods and is also considered as one of the most powerful supplements. However, the origin of this ingredient can be stretched back to ancient Africa and Aztecs. Previously, people had harvested this from the ponds and lakes, after which they transformed these into cakes for the consumption.

This item is overwhelmed with nutritious ingredients and has countless health benefits. According to some of the researches, it plays an active role in controlling the glucose level as well as the level of lipid in the blood, has anti-inflammatory attributes, depletes the symptoms related to allergic rhinitis, and also protects against a few types of cancer.

All the claims are not yet proven but the research related to spirulina is ongoing, which may result in the identification of concrete proofs. The latest study report can be found in the journal of Hypertension.

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