• April 15, 2024

Robocallers Attacked US Users with 26.3 Billion Spam Calls In 2018

If you were attacked by spam texts and calls in 2018, you probably were not alone. A new report discloses that people in America got 26.3 Billion robocalls in 2018, up 46% as compared to 2017. Hiya (spam monitoring service) has been observing calls, and discovered that many individuals are simply just not receiving up calls anymore.

Robocallers Attacked US Users with 26.3 Billion Spam Calls In 2018

While the “Do Not Call Registry” was found in 2003, the amount of calls has still increased considerably in recent times. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) disclosed to the media in 2018 that it is fielding an average of almost 500,000 grievances related to robocalls each month. The issue has resulted in some users filing lawsuits below the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) if they get calls when they are registered on the Do Not Call Registry. Robocallers are more and more masking their spam with real-looking local numbers, making it harder to identify them.

On a related note, Google acted against almost 90,000 consumer reports of spam in 2017 in its Search. It has now requested more consumers to come up and assist the tech behemoth squash and spot spam. As per Global Search Outreach Lead at Google, Juan Felipe Rincon, the automated AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based systems are continually operating to block and detect spam.

“Yet, we always greet listening from you when anything appears phishy. Reporting malware, spam, and other problems you find assists us defend other searchers including the website owner from this mistreatment,” Rincon claimed to the users in a blog post. “You can post a phishing report, a spam report, or a malware report. You can also tell us about any problem with the company search by opting for the ‘Send feedback’ link on the search results page at the bottom,” he claimed further.

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