• May 25, 2024

Podcast Genome Project By Pandora Will Assist You Find Your Favorite Serial

The podcast genome project by Pandora has rolled out in public beta. The podcast genome project plans to do the same for podcasts similar to what its genome project for music did for music. The new initiative expects to bring listeners to podcasts that they may enjoy on the basis of previous listening habits and was first rolled out previously this year.

Even though the project comprises curated elements from an in-house team, much of the task is shared with an automatic system that draws upon almost 1500 attributes to develop an algorithmic scenario of your attendance. These attributes comprise everything from the ratings you enter in the podcasts, to which episodes you replay and which you skip more than once. Pandora even states that its natural language (NL) processing is smart enough to verify a podcast’s topics on a personal episode level, permitting you to enter into a gaming podcast on your favorite game for a single episode.

On a related note, Google earlier rolled out a new application for those who like to listen to podcasts. Predictably dubbed as Google Podcasts, the application is only for Android currently but might shortly reach on Apple’s iOS. Some new functions are anticipated to come as well. Android consumers can get their hands on the application from Google Play Store since it is now accessible all over the world.

It is worth including that Google Podcasts in itself is not a full-fledged app. It is a shortcut that directs a consumer to the current pages on Google application. For those who are not aware, the Mountain View-located tech company incorporated podcast services back in 2016 in its Google search application and later transported it to Play Music. It has been cited that the experience of Google Podcast will enhance eventually as and when the main search application updates.

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