Osram, a German lighting group, recently proclaimed that its supervisory board is planning to meet soon. Reportedly, the agenda of this meet will be to review a binding proposal presented by Carlyle and Bain to purchase the firm for about $3.8 Billion. Both the investors have presented the deal for about $39.49 per share, Osram proclaimed in a statement. This statement by the firm confirmed an earlier Reuters report, which cited a source known to the topic saying they had locked funding for their proposal.

In recent time, the shares in Osram were found climbing by about 11.5% to reach almost 32.25 Euros. The stock has shed more than 60% of its value since reaching a high value of about 79.58 Euros in January 2018. The latest takeover proposal from Carlyle and Bain puts an equity value on Osram of about 3.4 Billion Euros. The firm has modest debts.

On a similar note, Bain Capital came into the news as it raised about $1.5 Billion intended for its debut real estate fund. Reportedly, this fund surpassed the initial $1 Billion target, as shareholders pour huge amounts of capital into the sector.

Harvard University’s investment is said to be among the largest supporters of the fund. In an interview, Bain executives said that this fund is focused on niche areas such as senior housing & self-storage, life sciences & labs. The list of other investors includes the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association. Earlier this year, the association committed about $100 Million. Bain also contributed over a 10th of the capital raised. Daniel Cummings, Managing Director, Harvard Management Company, proclaimed that the scale of the fund was set consciously to replicate a sensible level of capital for this strategy and where the firm is in the market.