• June 25, 2024

Next Few Years Can Experience The Current Populace To Grow More And Weigh More

The increasing population is demanding for more food as the years are passing by. It’s like trying to think about feeding around 9 Billion people in 2050. The idea of even giving it a thought today sends chills down our spine. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology leading Industrial Ecology Program student Gibran Vita is very uncertain on how the country will be able to cope with the increasing population.

Even though according to WWF the annihilation of wildlife and plant habitat is the world’s supreme environmental problem but the actual cause is the ever-growing human needs. And looking at the rising hunger issues in countries across the globe, the UN Sustainable Development Goal is “Zero Hunger” by surpassing the challenges to meet the increasing global food demand. Though the population may come up to a halt at a certain point there is no guarantee the food requirement may drop down instead it is only going to climb up on a per individual basis. The reason for such a drastic change may be related to food habits, weight plus height gain, attitude towards food intake as well as other demographic transitions. For understanding the food and population relationship, the researchers Daniel B. Müller, Felipe Vásquez, Vita, and his team have carried out loads of research.

The research has shown adults tend to consume more compared to the older generation which has currently reached 129% and is on a soaring stage.  The population growth occupies 116%, while increased weight and height accounts for 15% when it comes to the food consumption calculation. The study analysis now has changed and calculates the demands of even the aged individuals instead of the earlier technique of keeping the numbers constant. The food security, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), provides the factual data based on a multidisciplinary approach which is normally followed in industrial ecology. The Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has recently declared that around 110 people have lost their lives to hunger in the last 48 Hours. The UN has appealed on a humanitarian basis for £703 Million for Somalia this year to help 3.9 Million people, at the same time the UN World Food Program also asked for £21 Million as a response to the drought.

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