• July 22, 2024

Microsoft To Aim On Windows 10 Quality After A Messy Year

Microsoft has not had a great time in 2018 with Windows 10. Previously this year Microsoft postponed its Windows 10 update for April 2018 due to last minute BSOD () error, and then had to fix Chrome and desktop freezing problems after it exported over 600 Million machines. Just previous month, Microsoft issued its update for October 2018 and was forced to remove it after a few days of some consumers complaining that data was being automatically deleted.

If those incidents were not enough bad, previous week an engineer erroneously made a licensing server modification that meant a number of Windows 10 Pro devices were deactivated suddenly. It has a messy year for 2018.

But now the company claims that it will focus on the quality of the OS after being such a mess. “With Windows 10 single-handedly we work to offer quality to more than 700 Million active Windows 10 machines each month, more than 35 Million apps titles with more than 175 million app versions, and 16 Million exclusive driver/hardware combinations,” claims corporate vice president of Windows, Michael Fortin, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier disclosed that all security bugs related to Windows are not fixed on the whole. The firm prioritizes the bugs normally based on their severity. The firm makes a decision as to which error requires to be fixed first while the other security errors related to Windows are kept on hold for time being. This data was formally disclosed as draft on the company’s TechNet website.

As per Microsoft, there are 2 major questions while tackling a Windows security error: Does the error breach a pledge made by a security feature or a security boundary that Microsoft has promised to safeguard? The second question—“Does the brutality of the error meet the bar for servicing?

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