• July 22, 2024

Microsoft Teams Beats Slack With 13 Million Daily Consumers

Microsoft is lastly disclosing exactly how many users are employing its Slack rival Microsoft Teams. The software manufacturer claims that over 13 Million users are employing Microsoft Teams every day, along with over 19 Million weekly active consumers. This is the first time Microsoft has disclosed an active user count, and the firm’s earlier update was that 500,000 businesses were employing the service earlier in March.

This number is on top of the more than 10 Million users who employ Slack every day. Slack disclosed its 10 million everyday active consumer count previously this year, and it employed the same number earlier in April in a fiscal filing. The media asked Slack for an update on active consumers, but the firm is in a silent mode after its IPO (initial public offering), so there are no new figures.

Either way, Microsoft is eager to allow everybody to know that it has surpassed Slack. It is surely an accomplishment after only 2 Years since Teams rolled out, but Microsoft Teams as compared to Slack is not a clear-cut rivalry. Microsoft packs Teams with its Office 365 services for businesses, while Slack is a different paid service. That offers Microsoft a clear benefit for specific kinds of businesses, but Slack is still winning the race for small startups and businesses that are pleased employing Google’s G Suite instead of depending on Excel, Word, and Outlook.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that it is aiming to make Windows 10 computers work passwords free. While the firm has been operating on eliminating passwords from its Microsoft Accounts and Windows 10 for quite a few months now, the next primary update to Windows 10 in 2020 will go one step forward. You will shortly be capable of enabling a passwordless log-in for Microsoft accounts on a Windows 10 PC.

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