• June 25, 2024

Microsoft Re-Launches Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft is launching its Windows 10 Update for October 2018 again this week, after errors forced the firm to remove it previous month. A number of Windows 10 consumers reported missing data after the update was issued in early last month. While the firm did re-launch the update to beta users, it has taken the firm over a month to completely test it and launch it more commonly this week.

“Apart from the extensive internal testing, we have taken time to keenly monitor diagnostic data and feedback from our Windows users and from the millions of machines running on the Windows 10 Update for October. We have no further proof of loss of data,” clarifies director of program management at Microsoft for Windows servicing and delivery, John Cable, to the media in an interview.

Windows 10 Update for October 2018 will now arrive for a small amount of users this week, and people will require checking if the updates are right. Even then, the update may not appear if there is an app compatibility problem. Microsoft is opting for a very careful approach.

On a related note, the earlier October 2018 Update for Windows 10 had some apparent additional problems in terms of files possibly going missing. The issue followed the major file deletion bug that caused the update to be paused provisionally by Microsoft. There were various reports from those who downloaded the October 2018 Update showing that ZIP processes are not operating as they must, with the OS being unsuccessful to ask if files must be overwritten.

In different words, when you unzip the files in a folder, if other versions of those files are already present in that folder, the OS normally creates a prompt to ask if those present files must be overwritten. It seems that this did not happen, and the operating system just automatically overwrites those files without telling the users.

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