• July 16, 2024

Jungle Friends’ New Members Are Moneys Used For Nicotine Research

Over two dozen monkeys are now housing in a Florida primate sanctuary after enduring the tests on nicotine addiction research, which is denounced by Jane Goodall, the British primatologist.

According to Gainesville Sun, the squirrel monkeys are dwelling at the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary of the city. The study of nicotine addiction by the USFDA or the United States Food and Drug Administration was initiated in 2014 but was suspended in the previous year after the agency found that 4 monkeys had died during the test. According to the FDA, three monkeys died due to the complications from the anesthesia. Another death caused by the bloating from unclear issues.

Jane Goodall designated the study as cruel and irrelevant in September 2017 and mentioned that the humans are continuing to study on a component, whose after-effects are well-known. Hence, it is not only unethical but also shameful. She further stated that the study involves stationing gadgets inside the young monkeys who would be introduced to nicotine through their bloodstreams. After that, the animals were taught to press the levers to receive nicotine.

After she expressed her observations, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner suspended the study in January by mentioning that the lab didn’t have adequate setup to complete the examination. Also, it failed to live up to the expectations of the animal welfare standards. Therefore, he concluded the monkeys will be shifted to a sanctuary.

These monkeys were shifted to Jungle Friends in November and were introduced to new experiences, materials, and foods. In the upcoming spring, they will again be shifted to a huge outdoor enclosure that perfectly resembles natural habitat.

However, for the time being, they are acclimated to life in the cage before shifting to life in the wild. On a lighter note, the director and founder of Jungle Friends, Kari Bagnall stated that he will not give the cigarettes to them even if they ask for it.

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