President Trump is making use of Huawei to negotiate the trade deal.

The G 20 summit held at Osaka this weekend has brought some positive news to the trade deal. In particular, Huawei has found some respite.

President Trump and President Xi met in Osaka, Japan on June 29 at the G-20 summit. However, the outcome of the meeting is still vague though it shows a positive note.

Now, Huawei the hardware maker from China can buy components and software from the U.S. tech companies. However, the U.S. has not relaxed its ban on the company. Huawei tech will not be used on its 5G network.

Moreover, there will be further easing of trade in the American marketplace, hints President Trump.

Huawei, which was considered as a national security threat is now used as a bargaining chip, which is raising concern in Washington. This issue has been raised by various lawmakers like the Democratic Sen. Mark Warner and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, the intelligence department is also arguing against the concession provided to Huawei in the trade talk. They argue that Huawei has close ties with Beijing and should not be allowed the supply of technology infrastructure in the United States.

Robert Atkinson, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation president says that the export ban was to inflict pain on China’s economy and to put pressure on China to come to terms on the trade deal.

President Trump had brought Huawei under the blacklisted companies and had even asked other countries to cut ties with Huawei.

But now, there is reduced pressure on the telecom giant Huawei.

However, Finite State a cybersecurity firm states that the Huawei network gear has vulnerabilities that can be easily hacked by malicious spies. It is creating a backdoor to the U.S. intelligence and military officials which is the original reason why Huawei was banned.