• April 15, 2024

France Follows Trump’s Footsteps; Wants To Create Its Own ‘Space Force’

The French government seems to be inspired by the US government’s decision of having its own Space Force. France has already started its groundwork to create its own version of a Space Force.

Last month Emmanuel Macron, President of France informed that French air force will be building a new Team. This team will be engaged in helping in French defense in the form of Space Command. The President informed that the main intention of building this new team is to safeguard the French satellites.

Last week the Defense Minister of the country, Florence Parly provided the space force details. The initial plan involves satellites equipped with lasers and machine guns. The first step will be to launch Syracuse, which is a next generation satellite. The satellite with have several cameras which will be able to identify space threats, for example, anti- satellite weapons.

Currently the French defense has 3 Syracuse satellites. The French troops (deployed in a foreign land) use these satellites to communicate with the main land. After the camera equipped Syracuse satellite launch is successful, new range of these satellites will be built to destroy space threats. The satellites might be powerful enough to destroy other satellites. French government aims to implement the satellites in the orbit by 2030.

According to the Outer Space Treaty implemented internationally, the countries are not permitted to test nuclear weapons (which can destroy masses) in the outer space. On the other hand, the United Nations Treat does not allow equipping the outer space with weapons. Florence Parly informed that France does not have any intention of violating these treaties or getting into any space war. This information was provided on 26th July at the Air Base- 942 Lyon Mont Verdun.

Florence also informed that for this, the French air force is receiving 700 million additional euros for this activity.

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