• April 15, 2024

Facebook’s Dating App Has Love Floating On Social Media

Facebook is one of the best option people use to blossom new friendships or connect to the people they already know. This technology currently has a new tool built in it with the hope of helping people ignite the feeling of romance in them the moment they develop a new bond. The social media platform has announced about getting started with the new feature named Facebook Dating with the option of permitting the users, especially in certain countries, to choose about 9 friends on Facebook whom they consider to have a crush on or romantically connect to. The friends can get to know about the other having a romantic feeling if present on Facebook Dating. The user can add the friend to the Secret Crush list.

The time one is added there is a notification sent to them informing about the match. During Facebook’s F8 developer conference in California was when the company spilled the beans on such a new tool. The dating apps have long been known to give people the option of finding love easily online rather than looking for them. Tinder, Bumble, and others are some commonly known dating apps that Facebook is planning to put up a strong fight against. The new feature is a new way to help the company gather in more money as well as escalating their user base.

It was first rolled out in September in Colombia before Argentina, Thailand, Mexico, and Canada. At present, the online giant has decided to spread its wings across 14 more countries including Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, and Uruguay. The US will have the tool by the end of 2019. The dating profile provides an option of selecting “interested” or “pass” in order to express one’s interest rather than swiping left or right like in case of other dating apps. This tool is basically to help the diverse group like gay, lesbian, transgendered or bisexual to have an option too. Facebook has another feature being tested for helping people find friends globally. “Meet New Friends” is the tool developed that is being tested in Vietnam and Colombia before being launched elsewhere.

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