• June 25, 2024

Externally Prescribed Medicine Costing Can Save Medicare Billions

A new research by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s scientists discovered that costs for brand-name prescription medicines averaged 3.2–4.1 times more in the U.S. when evaluated with costs in the U.K., the Canadian state of Ontario, and Japan. The research also discovered that the longer the specific prescription medicine was in the market, the higher the cost discrepancy.

If the Medicare project employed the same costs as these other nations, the forecasted savings to Medicare Part D might have been up to $73 Billion last year alone, the research discovered. Medicare Part D is an elective prescription drug advantage, accessible to beneficiaries of Medicare for a premium and controlled by private insurance firms. The results will be posted in Health Affairs.

Prescription medicine cost in the U.S. for brand-name medicines are most all over the world. One method to reduce U.S. prescription medicine costs is to benchmark drug costs to those given in other nations employing a costing model dubbed as external reference costing. An expected 29 European nations as well as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil use this method for the purposes of negotiating and setting the costs of a medicine.

On a related note, drug-layered balloon catheters to unlock small blood vessels and to give drugs to the affected areas are employed most of the times for curing peripheral arterial illnesses. Researchers think enhancement of the coatings can result in improved outcomes and better designs. Now, scientists at BUSM (Boston University School of Medicine) for the first time have studied these layers at microscopic levels in expectations of making more efficient options for curing arterial illnesses.

Obstructive arterial illness is a clinical confront impacting a number of individuals all over the world. Machines such as balloon catheters and stents are the major choice for curing these narrowed vessels.

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