• April 15, 2024

California Mulls Stringent Guidelines For Data Breach

Several officials from California have requested legislation. According to the proposed legislation, they want to set tight guidelines in situations when companies would have to inform their customers regarding a breach in data. This bill would put a pressure on companies to inform them as soon as their relevant personal data such as passport card, passport or green card numbers etc get compromised due to data breaches. In fact, customers would also need to get informed on leak of biometric data for instance – fingerprints.

California Mulls Stringent Guidelines For Data Breach

The proposal was announced jointly by Member of the State Assembly Marc Levine and Xavier Becerra, the attorney general during a press conference on February 21st 2019. Levine claimed that its time America should protect their consumers from theft of identity and fraudulent cases. This bill has almost become a necessity after Marriott said that there was a breach of approximately 500 million customer data which vulnerably exposed all their personal details such as names, contact numbers, emails, schedule for arrival and departure, passport numbers etc.

Becerra mentioned during a media event that they are the protectors of the rights of people in US. Law has evolved a lot from where they began. As the industry, business and technology develops, law should be altered accordingly to keep a close eye on all the occurrences. During June 2018, a bill was passed in the state named California Consumer Privacy Act which would be executed from 2020. It would provide more control to consumers to take a decision on the ways their personal data is being used. Consumers would therefore know that which data is being used, how the companies are using it and to what extent. Consumers would in fact have the power to ask companies not to share their personal information.

This law is so far the strictest one concerning keeping the privacy of people intact.

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