In 1877, Giovanni Schiaparelli, a well-known astronomer rolled his telescope to Mars and supposed he observed continents and canals. And since then, proof for alien life on the Red Planet has been hunted by humans. Now a conspiracy theorist deems he has lastly produced convincing evidence discovered in NASA footage from Mars. Scott C Waring, a self-declared UFO expert delineated his strange theory on his famous site. He mentioned, “I discovered some really astonishing structures in the southern part of the Red Planet.

“The structures seem to be over the ground tunnel similar to… roughly as if a dome was extended out. Among the structures, one is shaped as capital letter E. This might be a structure in the form of alien writing. It may have a cultural or religious implication.” NASA has clarified the strange structures as pits created by frozen carbon dioxide. Nevertheless, self-declared alien expert Waring disagrees this explanation, mentioning: “I don’t consider that as we cannot trust all they say.”

He further mentioned, “The structures do seem antique, but are still in astonishing condition and may be a good site for a potential Mars base some day as the structures are already accomplished. Nevertheless Waring goes further, delineating how others are shaped “similar to an arm, a head, an eye, and a body part.”

Likewise, sensors sent to Mars by InSight lander of NASA have identified the foremost signals proposing seismic activity on Mars, a major finding that expands the seismology field to a new world further than  the moon and the Earth. Researchers declared the sensation recently describing the seismic signal as the foremost “probable” sign of a “marsquake.”

Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure instrument of InSight sensed the faint sign on April 6. Researchers stated the shaking seems to have created within the planet, instead from mechanical interruptions from the InSight spacecraft itself or wind.