• April 15, 2024

Apple Recently Warned Regarding The Problem With The iPhones

It is not hidden that the company apple has some serious plans about redesigning the iPhone in the near-future, and that the company is working on it since some now. But despite this act, the official prices are getting even lower and a recent information has warned the range of the same about some real problems that might be caused. In one of the recent reports that were obtained by the experts, some of the financial service providers in the United States, including the giant Citi Group, has just delivered a warning to the company Apple, regarding the models of the company in general.

Particularly, along with some other models, the iPhone XS Max is in some serious trouble, as per the reports. As per the forecasts provided by Citi group, the price range of the phones has been cut by a significant margin and the sales are dropping by as much as 48%, which is a serious cause for concern. In addition to that, the company is also planning to cut the production with an intent to ship some build-up of the stock of the phones that are in excess.

The recent models that were launched by the company are now probably entering a destocking phase, and this is not a good sign at all, as far as the supply chain is concerned, as per the statement given by the Citi analyst William Yang. The company has forecasted that Apple would be able to sell nearly 45 million phones during the first quarter of the year, which is said to be the lowest ever number since the year 2012. The initial forecast by some of the experts in the industry was quite different and many people were expecting a sales supercycle actually, but the tide has turned against the company for some reason.

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