• June 25, 2024

Amazon Starts Its Another Go Store In New York

The brick and mortar empire by Amazon carries on expanding, after the firm started its second, bigger cashier-free shop in Park Avenue, New York City this week.

Apart from groceries, the shop will provide ready-to-eat snacks and meals, comprising services from local vendors and bakeries such as Magnolia Bakery, Dominique Ansel, Epicured, Ess-a-Bagel, Hale & Hearty, Bien Cuit, and Terranova Bakery. There will also be freshly brewed espresso & coffee and meal kits by Amazon on sale, following the roll out of coffee at a Go store in Seattle.

Amazon Go can be the future of supermarket sector, but there was hullabaloo over the cashless environment of the shops. Critics complained they showed favoritism against individuals without access to debit or credit cards. Philadelphia even launched legislation barring cashless businesses, and other states are mulling over a lawsuit.

Amazon agreed and relented in April that Go shops might start taking cash, with the Vesey Street New York shop turning out to be the first to do so. The newly started shop will take cash, as will all Go stores in future.

On a related note, Amazon earlier claimed that it is developing devoted warehouses to stock up hazardous goods. The new hubs have special sprinkler systems and comprise designated storage regions for oxidizers, flammable goods, and aerosols. Staff will get training in how to manage spills, while deliveries from these warehouses will be managed fully on the ground, and not employing planes.

So, those products may take longer to come, and can make it hard for Amazon to meet its single-day Prime delivery objective. You may also get more different packages if you order, for example, games, pepper spray, and toothpaste in a single order. But the trade-off is the firm is placing a huge focus on security with hazardous goods, which is a positive decision.

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