• July 16, 2024

Adobe Aims To Increase The Cost Twice For Its Photoshop And Lightroom Plan

Adobe is experimenting on increasing the cost for its Creative Cloud Photography plan. This will take it to $20 per month from $10 per month, as spotted by media.

Earlier, the Photography plan was the most affordable Creative Cloud subscription alternative, providing Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, 20 GB of cloud storage, and Photoshop CC. The new plan provides the trio of apps in addition to the 1 TB of cloud storage, but at the cost twice the old. This makes the new plan for Photography just $1 affordable than the next cost plan, a $21 per month plan that offers consumers access to 100 GB of cloud storage and one Creative Cloud app.

Some users in specific areas are still capable of accessing the old costs, but Adobe seems to be experimenting on the new costs before launching it out to all consumers.

A spokesperson of Adobe claimed to the media, “We run tests from time to time on Adobe.com which covers a series of products, comprising plan alternatives that might or might not be shown to all people visiting to Adobe.com. We are presently running a series of tests on the platform. The plan can be brought via phone, at official website, or via major retailers.”

On a related note, grab those mood boards by signing back into your Pinterest account, because they are about to be helpful. Adobe earlier, at the creative conference OFFF Barcelona, demonstrated an Illustrator function that allows consumers extract color palettes from photographs and images. Consumers can then use a palette onto their work to have the application color it all at once automatically, then make separate adjustments moving on. The function, dubbed as Color Transfer, can be particularly helpful for artists who need to explore various variations in color on their artwork.

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