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The guide to planning of Muay Thai training and weight loss in Thailand for holiday

Muay Thai has become one of the most impressive and sought-after sports across the world. It is no surprise that many travel to the island of Phuket where the combat sport and similar mixed martial arts have created a large following.

Phuket is considered a paradise and when combined with contact sport, makes for an exceptionally rewarding and paradise-like experience. From relaxing along the beach to transforming your mind, body and soul, here’s a few tips on planning for a holiday filled with Muay Thai in Thailand.

Travel to Thailand to experience the immense rewards that a holiday in the most exotic region of the world can provide. Thailand offers travelers the best of both worlds. It is a blend of modern living and high-powered businesses to ancient traditions and cultural practices.

Most holiday goers spend their travels in the island of Phuket. The island presents breath-taking views of the beach and the lush plant life. It is the perfect destination to rejuvenate and push the reset button on your mind and your body.

In combination with outdoor sightseeing and relaxation on the beach in Phuket, you can focus on your fitness. For the weekend or every day of the week, the beautiful island can be explored for its natural beauty and its many exciting activities. Many people who travel to the island, are fitness oriented. They participate in the multitude of fitness adventures and training facilities available.

If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, then a fitness experience in Phuket is a must. This includes participation in social events and group exercises allowing you to meet new people and remain motivated to achieve your goals. Plan your holiday for at least two weeks or more to help you learn the positive habits you need to change your fitness and transform your life.

Train at a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand

Muay Thai training is one of the fastest growing sports in Thailand. Muay Thai is good for weight loss in short time. Travelers can now plan a holiday including accommodation at a training camp on the island of Phuket, Thailand.

While certainly a unique way to spend a vacation, it provides the very best of both worlds. You will have the time to explore relaxation and scenery on the island on the weekend while dedicating your time to practicing Muay Thai during the week.

The Muay Thai class at Suwit Muay Thai introduces exciting fitness challenges in a fun and a supportive environment for all. The classes are led by an experienced and dedicated Muay Thai trainer.

During your Muay Thai holiday, you will experience a transformation in your health, your energy levels and your body shape.

Muay Thai classes for weight loss get you motivated to learn the ancient mixed martial art. You will kick, punch and block your way through every lesson in unison with your fellow fitness goers.

A Muay Thai holiday is like no other. Plan your journey to the beautiful island in Thailand and transform your life with the incredible lessons only Muay Thai can provide.

Thailand King Wants Facebook To Take Down Strange Scandalous Photos

Thailand King Wants Facebook To Take Down Strange Scandalous Photos

Thailand King Wants Facebook To Take Down Strange Scandalous Photos

HONG KONG — Social networking giant Facebook is under pressure from Thailand’s government on Tuesday to remove dozens of pages from its servers, a few weeks after a video that appears to show the country’s new king walking through a shopping mall in a crop top was widely shared on the site.

According to NYT, hte standoff is the latest sign of a clampdown on online speech by a military junta that seized power in a 2014 coup, and the latest test for Facebook, which has struggled to balance local laws and cultural expectations with its core identity as a network where people are free to share ideas and news.

It may also be a gauge of how aggressively the junta plans to enforce an existing lèse-majesté law — which makes it a crime to insult the king, the queen or the crown prince — under new leadership.

“The government’s moves to restrict Facebook indicate that it is solidifying ideologically around the monarchy, making it the cornerstone of its overall efforts to stem political freedom,” said David Streckfuss, the author of the book “Truth on Trial in Thailand: Defamation, Treason, and Lèse-Majesté.”

The Bangkok Post reported earlier that the Thai Internet Service Provider Association (Tispa) may disconnect access to Facebook’s servers.

It cited an email purportedly sent from Tispa to the managing director of Facebook Thailand warning that if the company did not remove all 131 pages, “concerned authorities will request that we shut down” access to the site.

“This action may affect the entire delivery services of to customers in Thailand,” Tispa wrote, according to the Bangkok Post.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company reviewed requests by governments to restrict access to content. “When we receive such a request, we review it to determine if it puts us on notice of unlawful content, reports The Guardian.

Thailand king Facebook

“If we determine that it does, then we make it unavailable in the relevant country or territory and notify people who try to access it why it is restricted.”

The Thai government has not publicly released details of the posts it wanted removed.

Several images and a video appearing to show the Thai king, Maha Vajiralongkorn, 64, wearing a crop top and covered in tattoos have been published on social media in recent weeks.

Facebook opened an office in Thailand in 2015 and is the biggest social network in the country.

The military-run administration briefly cut access to Facebook after it launched a coup on 22 May 2014.

Most social media monitoring companies predict the number of users in Thailand has grown significantly since then.

The firm has previously said it carefully scrutinises requests made by governments wanting to restrict content.

If it determines the content does violate local laws, it makes it unavailable in the country and notifies people who try to access it.

In May 2014, days after the military coup, Thailand blocked access to Facebook, with the Information Communications Technology Ministry saying the order came from the military. The military denied this.

The military government has increased censorship of online content since coming to power – especially criticism of the royal family.

Last month it banned Thais making any contact or sharing content from three outspoken critics of the monarchy.