• April 15, 2024

Outdoor Advertising Displays – An Effective Tactic for Startups

If you have just started off your business, one of the prime concerns will be getting your brand name and product range noticed with the wider target audience. While using the conventional marketing tools will help you with making your offerings worth checking out with the targeted market on a small scale, if you want…

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WordPress Dashboard Customization Guide for Learners

Unboudbtly it is your personal touch along with the unique layout which makes it stand out of a similar crowd. Every day, we get to see related pages full of the same old pieces of information laminated in different formats. Hence, the need for personalizing your content, widgets, as well as dashboards, becomes mandatory in…

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Printer Cartridges: 7 Things to Consider When Buying Toner

Getting a new printer toner cartridge is a simple thing. Just visit a local cartridge specialty shop and purchase the brand that fits well with your printer. But, while buying an HP printer, a lot of questions appear in our mind about the HP toner cartridges. Among vide arrays of printer product brands, HP ink…

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VK the Russia’s Facebook: Protect Children from Its Harmful Content

We are all aware of the mighty social media app and websites Facebook, but have you heard about the Russian version of Facebook known as “Vk”. Vk or Vkontakte is very popular in all across Europe. In the year of 2006, Vk was one of the most famous social media platforms in Europe including Russia.…

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WhatsApp Spy App to Monitor your Teens’ Android Phones

Are you worried about the texting behavior of your teenager? The instant texting apps like WhatsApp have made communication fun by letting the user exchange photos, videos, voice recordings, GPS location and statuses with online fellows. WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used instant messaging apps that keep younger users busy for a long…

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Google Nest Wifi

Google Wi-Fi System – So Simple, Yet So Powerful!

There has been a rush of wireless mesh systems in the market since wireless technology has been started to be used for home wireless systems and internal connectivity. About Google Wi-Fi Router Google’s wireless router undertaking has paid off. Google Wi-Fi is among the best wireless mesh router money you can trust your earning in.…

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Tesla Employees Claims They Used Electrical Tape In Production Of Model 3

Tesla might have broken its own records, producing 72,531 Model 3 cars in the quarter that concluded on June 30, 2019. But workers say in the hurry to increase up Model 3 manufacturing, they were obliged to work in unsafe, difficult conditions and cut corners. A few employees who work in open-air GA4 production of…

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Space X demo tests Falcon 9 as it gears for cargo launch

SpaceX fired Falcon rocket at CC station on Friday, lighting up 9 Merlin engines while restraints chained it to the floor. This rocket will take off on Wednesday for resupplying the ISS. The launch will be at 2224 GMT, which will bring the CC station into the ISS’s orbital plane region. A Dagon capsule which…

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NASA funds help Arizona University Researchers in building cubesats

Arizona University researchers will be using $3 million in NASA funds for researching asteroid environments and providing students from minority backgrounds opportunities for operating, designing and building CubeSats. This project was chosen through NASA’s MIRO program. UA has received over $8.2 million via cooperative agreements from MIRO. Erik Asphaigh of UA LPL stated that asteroid…

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Apple’s New iPhone In 2020 Likely To See Surge In Demand, Thanks To 5G

iPhones launching in 2020 could provide an impetus for growth in Apple’s flagship devices, as per a JP Morgan note, released on Monday. Samik Chatterjee of JP Morgan stated that they were expecting better specifications for upcoming iPhones. It was estimated at least 4 new models next year, leading to its positive outlook. Apple usually…

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Qualcomm Slapped With $272m Fine By EU For Overpricing Baseband Chips

An investigation that dates back to over a decade now has finally come to haunt Qualcomm. European antitrust investigation had launched a probe against Qualcomm for allegedly using abusive pricing to get its primary rival, Icera, out of the market. After years of speculations, the EU has finally decided to slap Qualcomm with €242 million,…

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Mobile Game Streaming Platform Hatch Now Available In The UK

When it comes to streaming games, it is not just the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Sony who are making an effort to capture attention of the players. There is a mobile-based alternative as well, and it is now accessible in the UK. Hatch joined hands with Vodafone for its authorized roll out in the…

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