Zoo Offers Cockroach as Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Ex

San Francisco Zoo Valentines Day cockroach

Photo Credit: San Francisco Zoo

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be among those brokenhearted people who want to send the best gift to their ex. Well, let the San Francisco Zoo help you. And yes, the zoo is offering an Adopt-A-Cockroach program for this year’s hearts season. You can also adopt a hairy scorpion instead.

“Nothing says ‘I’ve moved on’ like adopting a giant cuddly cockroach in the name of your favorite ex. This Valentine’s Day, if you care enough to send the very best, you’ll choose our charming Madagascar Hissing Cockroach package.” A statement reads at the cockroach adoption page of San Francisco Zoo.

“With a little luck, this generous donation will release your bad love life karma so that you never have to encounter a cockroach again.” The zoo added, with the site having a online form on how people can donate so they can get even with their favorite ex.

According to the zoo, the Madagascar hissing cockroach is believed to be the only insect in the world that can hiss. This unique insect is also considered as great climbers and can even crawl in smooth glass. A matured hissing cockroach can measure 2-4 inches long, one of the largest species of cockroach.

Adopting a cockroach from San Francisco Zoo costs at least $25 per piece. The zoo said the funds will be used to support their mission in connecting the people to the wildlife, and to preserve nature. Other animals that people can adopt include a giant hairy scorpion, leopard, tiger, and many more.

But sad to say, no real cockroach or any live animal will be delivered to your ex. Instead, he or she will receive an official certificate of adoption from the zoo, along with a special Valentine’s-themed gift box which contains plastic cockroaches or any of the animals that the sender will adopt.

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