Young Japanese MBA Graduate as Street Food Vendor in Cebu City (Video)

Go Morita Japanese street vendor Cebu Philippines

Go Morita with a cost player, Credit: Go Go Tokyo Facebook

Meet Go Morita, a Japanese street food vendor in Cebu City, Philippines. But don’t underestimate him, simply because he is an MBA graduate and plans to have his own food shop in the country. In fact, he cooks his Japanese food products by himself and is starting to attract more customers in Cebu IT Park.

According to Cebu Daily News, which first featured his story, Go Morita is 28 years old and is a native of Osaka, Japan. He completed a Masters degree in Business Administration at the Hosei University Graduate School in Tokyo. The Japanese street food vendor has also traveled to China, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

“I have named it after my last name Go and added Tokyo to it to show customers that it’s genuine Japanese fare, After selling my rice balls and tonkatsus, I buy some ingredients in the supermarket for my products the next day,” Go Morita told Cebu Daily News via online chat interview.

Apple Ta-as of Cebu Daily News reported that she bought a chicken tonkatsu sandwich from him, adding that it is filled with herbs and coleslaw, and is not oily. The onigiri (rice ball) is available in different flavors, which includes chicken, pork, egg, fish, and a Japanese spice mixture called shichimi.

Along with an umbrella, Go sells tonkatsu sandwich for only P40 each and onigiri for only P25 each. Such foods sold in Japanese restaurants have almost double the price. According to a report at GMA News, the Japanese national sells 100 tonkatsu sandwiches and rice balls and usually sold out in an hour only.

The young Japanese entrepreneur currently lives in an apartment in A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue city, and wakes up at 1 a.m. to cook his rice balls and tonkatsus. Among the ingredients are bread, pork, chicken, cabbage, and mustard. But of course, he also has a secret ingredient for his sauce.

Despite being cheap, his customers said that Morita’s street food is delicious. Most of them are call center agents who work at Cebu IT Park. According to Morita on his Go Go Tokyo Facebook page, which now has 2,550 Likes, his business hours start at 11 am and ends at 3pm, which is very seldom.

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