Yaya Dub Meets Alden Richards in Eat Bulaga, Smiles for the First Time (Video)

Yaya Dub 1st smile Alden Richards

Alden-Yaya Dub First Meeting, Screenshot Credit: Eat Bulaga

Yaya Dub smiles finally! Yes, Eat Bulaga’s newest Dabarkads smiled for the first time after she met heartthrob Alden Richards. This historical moment in Philippine TV happened this Thursday, July 16 in the daily noontime show’s segment “Problem Solving” shown at GMA-7. Is this the start of something romantic? Watch the video below.

Dubbed as the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines, Yaya Dub is Maine Mendoza in real life, 20 years old. She hails from Bulacan and finished Culinary Arts sa De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde, and has completed an OJT (On-The-Job Training) in New York. She became an Internet sensation last April for her Kris Aquino Dubsmash compilation.

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In early July, Maine Mendoza was introduced in Eat Bulaga as Divina Ursula Bocoba Mash, or Yaya Dub for short, as the snobbish maid of Lola Nidora, portrayed by comedian Wally Bayola. Without a smile and any dialogue, all she has been doing is her extraordinary talent in dubsmash, which she did with flying colors.

In a separate episode of ‘Problem Solving,’ Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub performed a dubsmash of the viral ‘Pabebe Girls (or Pabebe Warriors). I must admit, I was really laughing hard when I was that clip. But what I noticed about Maine, is that she can easily catch up with Wally, and can make faces if she forgets her line.

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Last Sunday, July 12, Yata Dub was featured in GMA-7’s ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS)’ where her voice was heard for the first time. During the interview, she said she loves doing wacky faces and lip-syncing in front of the camera since she was still a student. She also admitted that her secret ultimate dream is to become an actress.

But back to her first meeting with Alden Richards, it was very obvious that she felt conscious when she realized that the matinee idol is looking at her. And no matter how she tried to hide it, Yaya Dub smiled for the first time, and she was teased by fellow Dabarkads Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Allan K, and Joey de Leon.

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In my humble opinion, I think the career of Maine Mendoza in local showbiz is in the right path with Eat Bulaga. As we all know, the trio of Tito, Vic & Joey is a veteran in comedy. They are always unselfish when it comes to giving opportunities to fresh talents like her. And with this recent sweet moments, we feel that Alden Richards-Yaya Dub love team is coming! 🙂

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