YaKie Wedding to Push Through on Saturday, August 22, Meet Dr. Tan-Ning (Video)

Dr Tan-Ning Yaya Dub Alden

Bad news for the millions of AlDub fans. The postponed YaKie wedding is set to push through this coming Saturday, August 22, 2015. Sad to say, this is the dying wish of Lola Nidora this Thursday, August 20, and was revealed during the episode today (the 5th AlDub weeksary) of Kalyeserye at Eat Bulaga. This time, it appears that Yaya Dub will eventually marry Frankie Arinoli, instead of Alden Richards.

We can recall that last Wednesday, DuhRizz revealed that her grandmother, Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) is very sick. On that same episode, Alden Richards got confused and wrote Alden loves Maine on the sign, instead of Alden loves Yaya Dub. But before he got it correctly, he wrote Yaya Bub. Is this a sign that Alden is now in love with Maine Menodoza?

We saw Lola Nidora on a wheelchair, along with her medic and a member of Right Here Waiting For You Funeral Parlor (What a name!!!). And although Alden wrote that he wishes her well and even send her some gifts, Lola Nidora said that she is still not pleased with him, noting that he should have done this earlier.

This Thursday, Yaya Dub a box of isaw (a Filipino street food made from chicken intestines) from Alden. Later, Dr. Tan-Ning (Lola Nidora’s attending physician) arrived and confirmed that Lola Nidora will be dead by Saturday, August 22, at exactly 2:30 pm, which is incidentally the end of the show for that day. She later requested that the YaKie wedding to happen that day.

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The handsome doctor held Yaya Dub’s hand longer than he should do while giving her instructions on Lola Nidora’s medication. There was also some hugging to comfort Yaya Dub that led Alden to be jealous. In fact, he even wore a doctor costume and used a stethoscope to check Yaya Dub’s heartbeat. Later, Yaya Dub also check his heartbeat to the delight of the fans.

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Dr Tan-Ning Yaya Dub

Credit: Mark McMahon Instagram

But who IS Dr. Tan-Ning? After doing some research, we found out that he is Mark McMahon, a Scottish-Filipino model and a new Kapuso star, and might be be a treat to Aldub. We can also conclude that the Yakie wedding this Saturday will attract millions of televiewers and may even set new records in TV ratings of Eat Bulaga.

But the million dollar question is, when will Alden and Yaya Dub be able to finally see each other? 🙂

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