Yaya Dub Passes Out for Real During YaKie Wedding, Alden Richards Arrives (Video)

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Yes, Aldub fans. The controversial Frankie-Yaya Dub wedding this Saturday, August 8 ended up Yaya Dub passing out for real (totoong hinimatay), and Alden Richards arriving to stop the wedding. Was Alden able to finally see Yaya Dub in person for the first time so their love story could eventually have a happy ending? Watch the video of the YaKie wedding below.

For the past few weeks, the Aldub love story continues to entertain thousands of Pinoy netizens and televiewers of Eat Bulaga’s ‘Problem Solving’ segment. It all started when Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life) smiled at Alden so naturally, and was not part of the script. However, Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) always try to stop them.

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But despite all the challenges and only seeing each other via screen camera, Alden and Yaya Dub celebrated their third weeksary two days ago. But as the famous ‘Kalyeserye’ earns more followers, a new character was introduced – Frankie A. Arenoli (played by Jose Manalo), the man who is set to wed Yaya Dub via a ‘fixed marriage,’ ‘in exchange of P51 million and 500.

This Thursday, Frankie proposed marriage to Yaya Dub, telling her that she will marry him whether she likes it or not. He forced her to wear the engagement ring, and her wedding dress along with the wedding invitation were also prepared. But this Friday, Yaya dub couldn’t take it anymore and decided to be a run-away bride, but she failed.

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So this Saturday, everything was all set for the YaKie wedding. And just like a real wedding, there were flower girls, primary sponsors (Tito, Vic & Joey), and a priest who will officiate the wedding ceremony. The bride (Yaya Dub) wears her wedding dress, while the groom (Frankie) wears his nice suite, and Lola Nidora also in a nice outfit.

But during the ceremony, Yaya Dub fainted and was brought somewhere. Alden Richards arrived but was not able to find her. Apparently, Maine Mendonza passed out for real. Earlier that day, she (@mainedcm) tweeted that that she woke up feeling extremely weak. Her last tweet was “Hilo pa more.” Later, she tweeted she forgot to take her medicine, which is why she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital, but is now fine. 🙂

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YaKie Wedding Highlights

Maine Mendoza Twitter not feeling well ok

Credit: Maine Mendoza Twitter

Now with the YaKie wedding not pushing through, will Alden and Yaya Dub eventually end up marrying each other? But while their fans are so much in love with their story, there are rumors that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will soon be doing a movie together. And why not? There’s a saying, “Strike the iron while it’s still hot.”

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