Xian Lim Persona Non Grata Request in Albay for Allegedly Refusing to Promote the Province

Xian Lim Albay Gov Joey Salceda

Xian Lim said, “I’m not here to promote Albay.” This is according to Albay Governor Joey Salceda when the Kapamilya star was one the guests of Fiesta Tsinoy Albay recently. For this reason, many Bicolanos are demanding Xian Lim to be declared as “persona non grata” in the entire Albay province.

“Xian Lim says in my face (Atty Carol) while handing the coffee table book in front of many – ‘I’m not here to promote albay.’ If his road manager checks his record, Albay paid for his many guestings since way back 2011 when his talent fee was just P75,000 (Ginoo ni Magayon) and now P350,000 for Fiesta Tsinoy Albay.” Albay Governor Joey Salceda wrote on his Facebook page this Thursday.

“It’s either 1. His parents did not raise him well. 2. He had bad education. 3. He is not managed well. 4. His character is inversely proportional to his looks. 5. He is on something.” Salceda added, noting on a separate Facebook post that “Liars go to hell” and that the actor should make a public apology.

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Albay Governor Jose Sarte Salceda Facebook Xian Lim

Upon learning this issue, Xian Lim posted on his Twitter account, saying it is not true that he said he does want not to promote Albay. Instead, the actor said it is the “I Love Albay” T-shirt that he doesn’t want to wear, noting that it might create conflicts with his clothing endorsements.

“I just read an online article about an incident which is deeply upsetting because it doesn’t tell the right story. In the article I was quoted as saying ‘I am not here to promote Albay’, something I never said or would ever say,” Xian Lim (@XianLimm) tweeted, adding that his parents raised him to be respectful.

“I do not do drugs and have worked hard to get to where I am. If you send me the t-shirt and after I have cleared it with my clothing endorsement, I would be more than happy to wear it online and on air. I am also very willing to promote the book of Albay,” The Star Magic talent added.

This Friday, Salceda posted on his Facebook again; along with the Albay Coffee Table and the t-shirt that Xian Lim said he did not to wear. He emphasized that Lim told Atty Caroline Cruz that, “I did not come here to promote Albay.” The Albay governor also included the lawyer’s side of the story.

Allegedly, Xian also insisted on riding via premium economy flight seat instead of the cheaper economy class. Governor Salceda reminded Xian on the “persona non grata” declared by Davao City to comedian-writer Ramon Bautista in Davao City for his “hipon” remarks pertaining to ugly women with beautiful body.

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