Woman Still Gets Pregnant Despite Contraceptive Issued by Hospital (Video)

Woman pregnant despite contraceptives hospital

A Filipina complains getting pregnant despite using a contraceptive device issued by a hospital. And although the said hospital promised to help her, she said she was given some expired vitamins. Now, she is asking help from the Department of Health (DOH). However, it appears that the government agency cannot help her, too. Watch the news video below.

As reported at TV Patrol, a certain Irish (not her real name) wants to practice family planning back in 2014. After going to FEU Hospital in Quezon City, she was given a free Implanon, a birth control implant inserted under the skin of a woman to prevent pregnancy. But last August, Irish learned that she was pregnant despite the hospital claiming that the implant is 99% effective.

Irish decided to go back to FEU Hospital for the fear that the Implanon would have a negative on her baby. She said she requested to have free prenatal check up until she gives birth, and the hospital promised to help her. But later, the pregnant woman discovered that the vitamins given to her are already expired and not for resale. The expiration date shown is August 2015.

According to Irish, she was advised to buy her own vitamins for now. But when she asked the hospital if she could reimburse the expenses, she said the hospital management accused her of being too demanding. TV Patrol’s ‘Tapat Na Po’ then asked FEU Hospital to comment on the case of Irish, and the hospital said they are currently conducting a thorough investigation.

The case was also brought to the attention of the DOH. However, DOH¬†Assistant Secretary Gerardo Bayugo told TV Patrol that Implanon is safe, adding that the agency’s responsibilities do not include investigation of malpractices of doctors and other medial professionals. He suggested that the case should to be forwarded to the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

We at TN have great concerns on the safety of the public. The Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF) Institute of Medicine is known to be one of the leading universities in terms of offering medical courses. Therefore, we hope that they are sincere in helping Irish. After all, their main goal to serve their patients properly.