Willie Nepomuceno as Pope Francis, Netizens React (Video)

Willie Nepomuceno Pope Francis

Green Mango video

Legendary comedian and impersonator Willie Nepomuceno has just made his own impression of Pope Francis. But while the video seems to be funny, a lot of netizens reacted. Most of them said that Nepomuceno should have also tackled the problems during the Papal visit.

“I’ve been doing impressions of the good, the bad, and the ugly. This time I’d like to do something different, an impression of the most beautiful and holy man. Ready for it? Here we go.” Nepomuceno said at the start of the video. The curtain closes and “Pope Francis” appeared when the curtain opened.

During his impersonation act, the “Holy Father” spoke in English and said that he learned some Filipino words like, “Mahal ko kayong lahat” (I love you all). Later, he said that the most frequently asked questions to him include the Filipino foods he ate and how he find Manila.

For the food, the “Holy See” said he tasted adobo, kare-kare, and malunggay soup. As a joke, Willie Nep asks, “But I am just wondering why is your spaghetti very sweet?” He added that he did not like the fact that his photos seem to be everywhere, noting that “This is a Papal visit, not an epal visit.”

The ‘Willie Nepomuceno as Pope Francis’ video was produced by Green Mango and was uploaded on their official Facebook page on Wednesday, January 21. In general, Willie Nep has still that mastery in impersonating famous personalities. But many netizens are not completely satisfied with his act.

“Willie (Nepomuceno) is still good as before. But he should have also included the MMDA diaper issue, or the clumsy speech of PNoy.” Apolinaria Magbitang (@apolopdiay) tweeted.

“He Willie (Nepomuceno) seemed to be playing safe. Why did he not include the part where Pope Francis mentioned that Filipino politicians should not be corrupt?” Ralph Lorenzada (@ralphlorenzada) tweeted.

“I did not find it funny at all. I’m a follower of Willie (Nepomuceno) since I was young and admired him for hitting current issues in a comical way. But this time, there’s something missing. I still love him for the effort, though.” Eugenio Alfonso III (@genealfonso) tweeted.

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