Wife Driving Brand New Toyota Fortuner Crashes Mercedes Benz Carrying Her Husband and His Mistress

An angry wife finally had enough, after learning that her husband has a mistress. This Saturday, May 13 at around 4:30 pm, she decided to follow them while driving a brand new Toyota Fortuner, and crashed it to a Mercedes Benz carrying her husband and his other woman. But sad to say, the incident caused heavy traffic and six people injured.

According to The Nation, the dramatic car chase happened in Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road in Tambon Bung Yitow, Thailand. Local police reportedly said that the wife used a GPS to trace the whereabouts of her husband and his mistress. She later found out that they were together on the road, and her husband was driving his white Mercedes Benz.

Based on the same report, when the enraged wife was already sure that her husband and his mistress were at Sawai Pracharat Road, she crashed her vehicle into his luxury car so she can prevent them from running away. But besides the injured people and the four-kilometer-long traffic jam caused by the incident, three other cars were heavily damaged.

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Shortly, a rescue team arrived, and the injured were immediately treated. Local authorities have also cleared the scene. Nevertheless, the names of the wife, her cheating husband, and his mistress were not revealed. As of posting, it remains unknown as to whether or not the wife decided to sue her husband and his other woman. Divorce is allowed in Thailand.

Credit: nationmultimedia.com

But while it is quite hard to judge if the wife did the right thing or not, it is only very clear that she was very mad. It only proves no matter what status in life we have, husbands having extramarital affairs can never hide from his wife. It also proves that there are still wives who are brave enough to fight for their rights. So to all mistresses, good luck!



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