Why Miriam Santiago-Bongbong Marcos in 2016 is a Good and Bad Idea

Miriam Defensor Santiago Bongbong Marcos 2016

When Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago announced that she will run for president in 2016 last Tuesday, October 13, it was a good idea for many voters. But when she announced this Thursday, October 15 that Senator Bongbong Marcos will be her vice president, there were mixed reactions and some political analysts believed it was such a bad idea. Here’s my opinion.

First of all, I think that the Santiago-Marcos tandem is good for both of them. As we can remember, the lady senator first ran for president in 1992 but was allegedly cheated by Fidel V. Ramos, who won the presidency. She tried her luck again in 1998 with then-Senator Kit Tatad as her running mate. However, she fell short and landed only on the seventh place.

Miriam Santiago has proven herself to be a tough contender to become president, as she is known for her hard-hitting comments against corrupt officials. However, her People’s Reform Party (PRP) lacks funds and machinery. In addition, her various positions in the government and senate track records seem attractive but are not enough to tickle the masses.

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Sad to say, I think many Filipino voters prefer presidentiables who are willing to spend millions or pesos rather than to listening to them talking about their detailed plans once elected president. So, now that Senator Bongbong Marcos is her running mate, she can expect a wider scope of voters. I also think she’s healthy after recovering from stage 4 lung cancer.

On the other hand, Senator Bongbong Marcos needs a strong presidentiable partner. No matter how hard he try to be a great politician, his surname will always be a burden for him. Although many people believe that his father, late president Ferdinand Marcos was a better leader than his successors, the dark past of Martial Law will always haunt his name.

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Yes, both Miriam Santiago and Bongbong Marcos are known to be having sufficient intellectual capacity and their individual influence is good enough. But then, I think their tandem lacks preparation and their political chemistry does not appeal to all kinds of voters. As the saying goes, oil and water are useful separately but you should not mix them.

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I’m not a political analyst, but the way things are going, I think Senator Miriam Santiago is still unlikely to win despite her book ‘Stupid is Forever’ being a best-seller. On the other hand, I think Senator Bongbong Marcos has a better fight. I even think he can easily beat fellow vice-presidentiables, senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes and Gringo Honasan.


The above article is a personal opinion sent to us by Eduarte Manansala, a businessman from Sta.Ana, Manila. TN is not in any way affiliated with any political party, and we are not endorsing any candidate in 2016. We decided to publish the article, hoping to receive decent comments and constructive criticisms.

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