Why Menopause Women Like VP Leni Robredo Can Still Get Pregnant and Give Birth to a Healthy Baby

Vice President Leni Robredo is being rumored to be pregnant, and the alleged father is a married congressman. But while this rumor concerns not only about politics but also morality, the more important issue here is that can menopausal women like VP Robredo can really still get pregnant? Doctors say “Yes,” and below is the medical explanation why.

In simple explanation, menopause is the period in a woman’s life cycle when she no longer experience menstrual flow. It usually starts with the absence of menstrual cycle for 1 year of 12 consecutive months.In the US, the average age of women during menopause is 51, and the most common age range of women experiencing menopause is from 48 to 55.

According to women’s health experts, women who have a higher chance of earlier menopause are those who smoke, who have never been pregnant, and those who live at high altitudes. On the other hand, the age of the father of menopause babies is not well defined. Nevertheless, studies suggests that men over 40 have decreased their fertility.

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However, it should be noted that pregnancy during menopause has a lot of risks. Because of the changes in uterus, the chances of miscarriage is higher. There is also a higher potential of premature birth, and birth defects such as Down syndrome. Pregnant mothers during menopause are also strongly being advised to undergo C-section when giving birth.

Based on official records, VP Leni Robredo was born on April 23, 1964. Therefore, she is 52 years and 8 months old as of December 23, 2016. Rumors said that her alleged boyfriend is Quezon City Representative Jorge “Bolet” Banal, who supported the Liberal Party (LP) during the recent election campaign and was spotted being ‘very close’ with her.

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Last month, Thinking Pinoy (TP) discovered through Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc. (CSFI) website that Cong. Bolet Banal is married to a certain Carmela C. Banal, and was still married as of June 30, 2013. So far, we at Taho News could not find any online report that says that the couple has separated nor had their marriage annulled.

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Leni Robredo and Bolet Banal

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Last week, VP Robredo and Cong. Banal were spotted together during the wake of former Quezon City 1st District Cong. Francisco “Boy” Calalay. We don’t want to put malice to their ‘closeness,’ but we can only say that it is not true that the vice president can no longer get pregnant. In fact, we are not even sure if she has already reached menopause.



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