Why Mayor Rody Duterte Keeps on Saying He Will Not Run for President in 2016

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte 2016

We cannot count how many times Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte has announced that he will not run for president in 2016. But still, his supporters continue to grow as he is seen everywhere in speaking engagements and interviews explaining his views about politics and leading the Philippines.

In that case, is he really running or not? But before you answer that question, let’s analyze further on why he keeps on saying that he is not interested to become the next president. For the record, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and late movie king Fernando Poe Jr once said they will not run.

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To start with, Mayor Rody Duterte said he is too old to be the next president. For me, this is not a valid reason. At 70, we have seen former presidentiables older than him, and I’m pretty sure you know some of them. At his age, I can see that Mayor Duterte still has a healthy mind and looks perfectly fit.

Mayor Duterte also said he has no enough money for the election campaign, and that he doesn’t want to ask money from anyone. I think he has a point here, and being vocal in saying those things is truly admirable. But then, his supporters are also vocal in offering financial support for his candidacy.

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Now, will Mayor Duterte run for president or not? If he will, why does he keep on saying he is not running for president in 2016? If he is not, will he be willing to run for vice president as running mate of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos? Or will he eventually retire from politics?

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In my opinion, Mayor Duterte is seriously looking at better options. As the tough mayor has earlier said, he considers himself as an “:alternative president.” He said that if he feels that the voting public has no other choice, then he will run for president. Therefore, he is currently gathering some data.

According to the latest pre-election surveys, Senator Grace Poe is now leading as the potential next president. Unlike Mayor Duterte, the lady senator has not yet announced her plans in 2016. She was followed by VP Jojoemar Binay, who recently resigned from PNoy’s cabinet. Duterte is third, though.

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Earlier, Mayor Duterte said he will run for president once his ratings on surveys will rise. For me, it’s the other way around. I think his ratings will sky rocket once he announced his presidential candidacy. I think the same thing will happen even he decides to be the running mate of Senator Marcos.

But besides looking at better options, I also think that Duterte is still considering which political party he should belong to. Although he is now a member of PDP-LABAN, we all know that establishing a coalition party is very easy. With his supporters increasing rapidly, anyone can readily ‘adopt’ him.

In an interview, Mayor Duterte mentioned some names of presidentiables whom he thinks can be a good president. But because he said that all of them are his friends, he will not endorse any of them. In my opinion, he said that because he wants to play safe and avoids himself from being attached to any of them.

Having said all I mentioned above, I think Mayor Duterte is a smart politician. Instead of campaigning early, which most politicians do, he is introducing himself to the public. He knows that despite of having tons of supporters, he wants to make sure he has a huge edge against other presidentiables.

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If you will analyze Mayor Duterte in his interviews, he is telling the public how he plans to run the country once he is elected. He is proud to stick to his principles, including announcing that he is in favor of political dynasty and death penalty. He doesn’t care about his detractors, no matter who they are.

Therefore, I think Mayor Duterte really wants to run for president. I also think that he is willing to run for vice president as long he agrees with the principles of his presidential candidate. But well, we just have to wait for October this year, the month where politicians are required to file their candidacy.


The above article is a personal opinion sent to us by Eduarte Manansala, a businessman from Sta.Ana, Manila. TN is not in any way affiliated with any political party, and we are not endorsing any candidate in 2016. We decided to publish the article, hoping to receive decent comments and constructive criticisms.

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