Why Majority of Filipinos Will Vote Duterte for President, but Sen Grace Poe Will Likely Win

Duterte vs Poe 2016

Come May 9, 2016, we Filipinos will be electing the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines. With less than a month from now, it is safe to say that majority of the voting public really want Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte to win. However, I am afraid that Senator Grace Poe will eventually win. Here are the reasons why.

Let me start with why many Filipinos want Mayor Duterte to be the next president. First of all, Filipinos are fed up with sweet promises from politicians that they will not be corrupt. But once elected, you can hear news about alleged corruption on government projects. Criminals are not afraid anymore, and poverty is very obvious.

Yes, Duterte curses a lot and had many women before. He is being linked with extra judicial killings in Davao City, but there is no single case filed against him. Human rights advocates and conservative groups do not like his style. His promise of ending drugs and corruption within 3 to 6 months is impossible, and we all know that.

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But just like Sen. Miriam Santiago said in an interview, some political candidates need to make exaggerated promises to emphasize what they plan to do if they get elected. In the case of Mayor Rody Duterte, he is willing to do anything in order to stop drugs, crimes and corruption. This is the why many Filipinos will likely vote Duterte for president.

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Interestingly, Mayor Duterte recently topped the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, conducted from March 30 to April 2; the first time that Duterte led the SWS. Nevertheless, low-profile surveys such as that made by Rappler and 7-Eleven show that Duterte is consistently leading. The Davao City mayor also leads on social media.

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But why is Senator Grace Poe likely to win? Why not VP Jejomar Binay, Sen. Miriam Santiago, or Mar Roxas? Obviously, the allegations of corruption against Binay badly hit him. His son, Junjun Binay has been barred from the running any public office. Whether the allegations are true or not, his political dynasty has destroyed his image.

Apparently, Mar Roxas has almost the same problems. Although he is not facing any corruption case, his image is very weak. He said that his platform has no drama, but photos showing him doing dramatic roles suggest otherwise. Not to mention, the Typhoon Yolanda effect. And yes, the husband of Korina Sanchez cannot handle stress.

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It also appears that Roxas’ endorsement from President Noynoy Aquino has added problems to his image. Although there are data showing that the economy of the country slightly grow under Pnoy’s administration, ordinary Filipinos cannot feel it. Traffic in Metro Manila is getting worst everyday, while rich prisoners are enjoying.

On the other hand, Senator Santiago really deserves to be the president. No one can question her intelligence and strong personality. But unlike in 1992 where she lost to FVR, she has somehow lost her appeal to voters. Her health prevents her from campaigning. I even think she will withdraw her candidacy and will endorse Duterte. .

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But why is Senator Grace Poe really likely to win instead of Mayor Duterte? There are two simple reasons – Many voters still rely on their mellow-drama guts, and she has a ‘secret weapon.’ As we all know, her adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr almost won the presidency. And because many people believe he was cheated, people loved her too.

For a while, let us forget that Sen Grace Poe have problems with her citizenship and length of stay in the Philippines. After all, the Supreme Court has already allowed her to run for president. Let’s focus more on her ability to become a leader of this country. Who are the politicians and businessmen supporting her without asking for a favor?

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Unfortunately, many Filipinos did not learn enough from the time of the late President Cory Aquino. Politicians stole money from the people’s taxes under her nose, but she did not seem to realize it. Problems in Muslim Mindanao were not properly attended, and so on. So yes, it is very likely that Sen Grace Poe will be worst than Tita Cory.

Without a doubt, social media is helping Mayor Duterte a lot. But there are still many Filipinos who still rely only on newspapers and TV news. They don’t know that many ordinary citizens are spending their hard-earned money just to campaign for Duterte. All they know is that Senator Poe has been leading the major surveys, and will count on them.

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So what is Sen. Poe’s secret weapon? Well, let me answer that with another question. Can you convince me that PNoy is not using her because he knows Roxas will not win? It is also wrong to say that poverty is the major problem of the country. For me, the major problems of Filipinos are greed for power and money, and lack of discipline.


The above opinion was sent to us by a certain Julio N. He said he prefers his post to be published on our site instead of his Facebook page. He added that he doesn’t want his page to be flocked with Friend Requests and comments because he is seldom online.

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