Why I Will Vote Manny Pacquiao for Senator in 2016, and Why You Should Too

Senator Manny Pacquiao

Filipinos have different views on Manny Pacquiao’s decision to run for senator in the 2016 election. Earlier, one of our followers sent us his opinion on why he will not vote for him, and why he thinks Filipinos shouldn’t also vote for him. Yesterday, we received a PM on Facebook giving his own opinion why he will vote Pacquiao for senator, and requested us to publish it. Read below.

Dear Taho News. I read your article, Why I Will Not Vote Manny Pacquiao for Senator in 2016, and Why You Shouldn’t Too and I was supposed to leave a comment. But because I have a lot of things I want to say, I decided to send it to your Facebook page. Hopefully, you can publish it without exposing my real identity. It’s not that because I’m afraid, I just want to avoid bashers.

Anyway, I accept the fact that Pacquiao had worst attendance in the Congress and that it’s really a disadvantage for him. But in a recent interview, he promised that he won’t be absent once elected as senator, and I believe him. And as his defenders are saying (including Mayor Duterte who announced his support to Pacquiao in 2016), his absences are reasonable.

I also think the public should know the bills Congressman Manny Pacquiao has passed. Besides his authored bill to create a boxing commission, his House Bill No. 57 seeks revision of Philippine Sports Commission Act (Republic Act No. 6847). He also filed House Bill No. 58, which will require each barangay in Sarangani to have a community health center.

And because Manny also has a great concern to women’s health, he filed House Bill No. 61 so that every region should have a breast care center. So for those who are criticizing Pacquiao for doing nothing while in Congress, let me remind you that he has authored/sponsored a total number of 15 House Bills. (You can view the details here).

So why none of Pacquiao’s bills passed on the committees they’ve been referred to? I cannot find any news report explaining why but I can guess that the main reason is because of his habitual absences. Therefore, Pacquiao probably had no time to defend his bills. You see, a House Bill need to pass three readings in Congress before it can be submitted to the Senate.

Now, let’s talk about his capabilities. But first, it’s not true that we should not ignore the fact that he is a great boxer for us to say that he is credible enough to be a senator or not. The world knows about his dedication to the sport, which shows that he can be good in something he is truly dedicated. Well, he may not be good in singing or basketball, but at least he tried.

Therefore, you can see his courage and determination if he wants to do something. He knows he will be mocked and insulted but he didn’t care. But of course, being a senator is not only about dedication, you should also have skills. Well, I think Manny knows it and I’m sure he’s preparing for it. That’s why he said he plans to retire in boxing once he’s elected in the Senate.

Obviously, we can also be sure that Pacquiao will NOT be a corrupt senator or president if he decides to run later. He can even use his popularity to influence people (businessmen especially) to agree with his projects. And yes, he does not have to be fluent in English. Otherwise, there will be no Japanese and other non-English speaking investors in our country.

Yes, Pacquiao will need a truckload of advisers if he is elected senator. But who doesn’t need them? Even the successful businessmen and greatest leaders in the world have tons of them, right? The good thing is that Manny can even spend his own money to hire personal advisers to make sure that his political advisers will not fool him. In fact, he has his own political party.

Now, let me ask you some serious questions? Aren’t you sick and tired of voting so-called intelligent politicians who are too smart and can fool us with their enchanting resume? Are you contented with the way our politicians run our beloved country? Or are you willing to give a chance to someone who truly loves the country like Manny Pacquiao? Well, I do.

So yes, I will vote Manny Pacquiao in 2016. I will trust him with the future of my children and my business as well. I can relate to his life story because mine is almost the same. I was born in a very poor family with 11 siblings, and I didn’t finish high school until I turned 42. But yet, I was able to establish my own business and my children are studying in reputable schools.

Sincerely yours,
Roldan O.

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Taho News is not in any way affiliated with any political party, and we are not endorsing any political candidate in 2016. We decided to publish the article, hoping to receive decent comments and constructive criticisms.

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