Why I Think Marcos-Duterte in 2016 Will Be Better Than Duterte-Marcos

Marcos Duterte 2016

Just recently, Filipinos were introduced by a new potential tandem in the 2016 presidential election – Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte. Assuming that both politicians decide to run, I think a Marcos-Duterte tandem in 2016 is much better than Duterte-Marcos.

First of all, I cannot qualify myself as political analyst. In fact, I am not really a fan of Philippine politics. But because I grew up during the Martial Law era and a first-time voter during the parliamentary election in 1984, I think I am capable enough to share some of interesting views on the upcoming presidential election.

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And although there are many potential presidential candidates in 2016, I would like to focus here only to the possible tandem – Marcos-Duterte or Duterte-Marcos. But as I said earlier, I think Senator Bongbong Marcos would be a better president than Mayor Rody Duterte, who I think will a better vice president than him.

For their political platform, there is one very particular principle that they both agree. Mayor Duterte has been very vocal in favoring federalism, in which Senator Marcos is also a strong advocate. However, Duterte recently “re-entered” as a member of the PDP-Laban, while Marcos belongs to Nacionalista Party.

Nevertheless, when the senator was a guest at Duterte’s local weekly TV program, he said he is an admirer of the mayor and that he treats him as his mentor in politics. Knowing the political style of the Marcoses, I believe Senator Bongbong will not mention such things unless it comes from the bottom of his heart.

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For the political campaign, I think Bongbong for president would be more appealing than Duterte for president. But of course, this is assuming that one of them will be vice presidential candidate of the other. Yes, I think Duterte is a very strong contender for presidency, but not stronger than Senator Marcos.

And yes, many Filipinos still think that Senator Marcos will follow the so-called dictator leadership by his late father, President Marcos. But it is also a fact that many believe that the late President Cory Aquino acted like a puppet president. Therefore, another Marcos president is still very much likely to happen.

For Duterte, no one can contest his huge contribution for the improvement of Davao City. But the question is, can he do the same for the entire country? We must note that he will be the first president from the South, if he run and win. I therefore think he will have a “relationship” problem with the politicians from the North.

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For Senator Bongbong, I think he will have serious problems with the politicians from the South. Let’s not forget that his mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos was once known as the Rose of Tacloban. In fact, the controversial San Juanico Bridge was dubbed as the gift to her by her husband, President Marcos.

Now, let’s assume that the Marcos-Duterte tandem will push through instead of the Duterte-Marcos and that both of them will win. I cannot imagine Mayor Duterte speaking at the APEC Summit or any international speaking engagement. I am not underestimating his capabilities, but I believe that it does not fit for him.

On the other hand, I cannot imagine Senator Marcos acting only as president while “President Duterte” is visiting other countries. At the age of 57, the younger Marcos has gotten this far in terms of politics, and I don’t think he can still wait another six years to seek the presidency. He will be too old that time.

If that will be the case, what will be the job of Duterte in case he will be elected as vice president and Marcos as president? Well, we must remember that when Joseph “Erap” Estrada was the vice president, then-president Fidel V. Ramos appointed him as the chairman of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission (PACC).

At the age of 70, Mayor Duterte says he is too old to be the next president of the Philippines, and he has no more energy to handle a national responsibility. Well, he can be telling the truth, but being a vice president is not as difficult as president. If you want some proofs, you can ask former vice president Noli de Castro.

The controversial Davao Mayor also said he was no enough money for the campaign, and that he doesn’t want to ask money from anybody. But if Duterte decides to run for vice president as partner of Senator Marcos, I can assume that he will never have a problem in terms of budget, and we all know that.

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So, if you will ask me the chances of a Marcos-Duterte tandem instead of Duterte-Marcos, I would say it would be 85 percent. And if you will ask me the chance of their winning if the election will be tomorrow, I would say it would be 80 percent. But of course, we can expect more surprises as the election gets closer.


The above article is a personal opinion sent to us by Eduarte Manansala, a businessman from Sta.Ana, Manila. TN is not in any way affiliated with any political party, and we are not endorsing any candidate in 2016. We decided to publish the article, hoping to receive decent comments and constructive criticisms.

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