Why Global Intergold is Now the New Emgoldex

Emgoldex Global Intergold

The gold investment company Emgoldex has now a new name – Global Intergold (GIG). Yes, the controversial networking business changed its name recently. And although its members don’t want to brand the company as MLM, members are required to invite new members before they can receive their so-called reward money.

Apparently, Global Intergold (Emgoldex) members prefer to call their return of investment (ROI) as rewards, or incentives for inviting 2 new members to join them. The company also calls their recruit as clients, not members. Well, it’s because these people paid in exchange of up to 100 grams of gold, depending on how much they invested.

Nevertheless, these clients emphasized that recruiting new members is not compulsory, but an option. Likewise, the company still insists that they are an online store (buy and sell of gold), and therefore does not require registration from the Social Security Commission (SEC). The agency earlier dubbed Emgoldex as a potential scam.

But why did Emgoldex decided to change its name to Global Intergold? Do they want to escape from the bad reputation from being called a scam? Or they did this to provide improvements to their gold investment business to attract more members? TN made a research about this new Emgoldex business name, and here is what we found.

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“The rigors of international trade and the demand for operations in many countries at the same time demand more and more complex and bespoke business structures. In order to provide a high quality service for a large number of clients worldwide, it is crucial to comply with international standards in the area in question. That is why it was decided to create the new Global InterGold platform.” A statement reads at GlobalIntergold.com.

“The new Global InterGold Online Gold Shop has been created. A group of relevant, purpose built companies provide the services required to manage a substantial flow of clients worldwide, affording our clients every opportunity to ensure safe and reliable operations.” the website added, noting that it is now serving more than 1 million clients worldwide.

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According to the company, its gold supplier has been changed from Dubai Multi Commodity Center to Global Swiss Trade in Geneva. In addition, their leadership bonus is now up to Level 15. And for those who are not inclined in Internet safety, the Global Intergold website uses HTTPS instead of HTTP only, where S means Secure.

But as of posting, the Emogoldex.com website is still live and active, and has no message in it saying that Emgoldex has been changed to Global InterGold. We are also wondering why there is no redirect link from Emogoldex.com to GlobalIntergold.com, which we believe is very important to make sure clients are being guided properly.

And while Global Intergold promises a buy-back guarantee for every purchase of gold, many people are still hesitant to join them particularly here in the Philippines. Besides the warning from SEC, most clients are being invited via Facebook. The business has no physical office here in the country, where clients can file a formal complain in case an anomaly happens.


TN is not a client of Global Intergold (Emgoldex) and is not against it either. We decided to publish this article merely to inform the public. Nevertheless, we are advising the public (especially the OFWs) to be very careful in investing their hard-earned money.

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