Why Gerphil Flores Was Not Mentioned on Aquino & Abunda Tonight Show (Video)

Aquino Abunda Tonight Gerphil Flores

Voting for the Asia’s Got Talent Finals has ended. So far, there are four Filipino talents who are eyeing to be the first ever AGT winner. They are Gwyneth Dorado, Junior New System, El Gamma Penumbra, and Gerphil Flores. But if you will watch an April episode of Aquino & Abunda Tonight Show, Gerphil was not mentioned.

On the video below, the voice-over announcer of the said show mentioned the names of the Pinoy acts that were chosen to be among the semi-finalists of Asia’s Got Talent. He highlighted El Gamma Penumbra, the shadow act group from Batangas that received a Golden Buzzer from judge Anggun during their audition.

Later, he mentioned the other Filipinos who passed the audition including the singing trio Miss Tres, Bee Gees voice-alike Angelico “Echo” Claridad, dance group Junior New System, comedy singing duo Fe & Rodfil, and others. But as the clip ended, he did not mention Gerphil Flores, and her face was not even shown.

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When the AGT finals came, ABS-CBN News reported the four finalists including Gerphil Flores, who incidentally was eliminated during the semi-finals of Pilipinas Got Talent Season (PGT) Season 1 in 2010. That time, Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai Delas Alas picked balladeer Sherwin Baguion over her. (Watch the video here.)

Kris emphasized that contestants should sing songs that the audience can identify with, but admitted that Gerphil is a talented singer. On the other hand, Ai-Ai said Sherwin did not reach the high note that night, but his earlier performance was perfect. Nevertheless, she told Gerphil that she is beautiful and has a great future ahead of her.

Meanwhile, Freddie M.Garcia, who was then the president of of ABS-CBN Corp., voted for Gerphil Flores. He told Sherwin that he like his voice, but said he was disappointed that Sherwin was not able to reach the high point. Gerphil cried after she lost, but emphasized she will continue singing classical songs and foreign languages.

Fast forward, Gerphil Flores is now a strong contender to win Asia’s Got Talent. Right from the start, she has been a crowd favorite because of her stunning classical voice. During her audition, David Foster pressed his Golden Buzzer. During the semi-finals, she received a standing ovation from everyone, including the four judges.

“I promise you, I promise you. The world is going to know about you. That’s a promise.” David Foster even told Gerphil. In case you don’t know, he is not only the record producer for Charice, but also for Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Madonna among others.

Considering the popularity of Gerphil Flores (who by the way used the name “Fame” during her PGT days), during her AGT audition until the semi-finals, it remains a puzzle for many Filipinos why she was not mentioned on that segment of Aquino & Abunda Tonight Show. Here are some of the possible reasons:

It was an honest mistake

Nobody’s perfect, not even Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, or their staff on the show. None of them have noticed that Gerphil Flores auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent until she reached the semi-finals. It can also be that someone from their show knows about it, but forgot to include her video while creating that segment.

Lack of time

We all know that airing time is very expensive. If A&A staff will include Gerphil Flores, they are obliged to feature a clip from her performances AGT (both audition and semi-finals). They also have to include a portion of the comments of the judges, as well as Golden Buzzer from David Foster. Therefore, including them will eat a lot of time.

Kris Aquino might have requested not to include Gerphil

Being a co-host of A&A, it would be awkward to mention in the show that Kris Aquino did not vote for Gerphil Flores. Knowing that it would be necessary to mention that the classical singer was eliminated during the semi-finals, Kris might have requested the staff to not include her, and her request was granted.

ABS-CBN decided not to include her

With Pilipinas Got Talent being aired at ABS-CBN, it will be a shame for the network once the audience remembered that Kris and Ai-Ai eliminated Gerphil on the said talent show. So, when the show producers submit their segment idea to the management, they told them not to include or mention the classical singer.

Again, the above statements are only theories and speculations. TN has no intention of destroying anyone’s character or to mock the ABS-CBN management. However, we feel that the network has an obligation to the public to explain what really happened on that particular episode of A&A.

Why was Gerphil Flores not mentioned? Was it intentional or just an honest mistake?

After all, a lot of Filipinos who watched it are also asking the same question.

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