Why Filipinos Should Stop Doing TV Remakes of Old Movies and TV Shows

Coco Martin FPJ Probinsyano TV remake

Coco Martin FPJ Probinsyano TV remake, Credit: Dreamscapeph Instagram

It has been more than seven years since Filipinos made their first glimpse of Marian Rivera as Marimar, where she truly shined as a star and has been stepping stone to stardom. As we all know, the TV series is a remake-adaptation of the Mexican telenovela with the same title that captured the hearts of many Filipinos in 1996.

And because the local movie industry is not as lively as it was during the past decades, TV networks GMA-7 and ABS-CBN gamble on doing TV remakes of old movies and telenovelas. Once again, Filipino audience watched their favorite movies, but this time via the small screen and starred by the new actors and actresses.

Among them are ‘Panday’, ‘Totoy Bato’, ‘Pieta’, ‘Zuma’, ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’, ‘Kahit Konting Pagtingin’, to name a few. The young generation also had a chance to feel what their parents felt when they were touched while watching the original version of the iconic drama series, Flordeluna and Annaliza.

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Well, it is safe to say a lot of these TV remakes became a hit and earned followers. But of course, not all of them became successful as some of them failed to put justice on the original roles. In fairness to the directors and writers, most of them have added spices and interesting twists so the remakes will look fresh to the audience.

Yes, it’s true. These TV remakes are a big help in reviving the dying entertainment industry. Not to mention, they create jobs not to only actors but even to the smallest crew in the production. You can just imagine how boring TV could be if Filipinos only depend on original concept these days. And yes, most of them suck!

Another supposed advantage of TV remakes is that they serve as competitors of Korenovelas, which obviously are attracting teens and young adults. It hurts knowing that many Filipinos love them more than local TV shows. But can we blame them? Why would you support something that you do not really like?

But why should Filipinos stop doing TV remakes if they are producing stars and money? Well, because we have done enough. Yes, TV remakes have many great advantages. But then, we are forgetting that entertainment is an art. We forget that movies and TV shows should also leave a big mark in the history.

I understand that making TV shows is a business, and in fact a good one. But how can you be thrilled by watching a show that you already know what will happen in the end? Can you call that art? Sad to say, many Filipinos today are watching TV remakes because they are after the stars, and care less about the story.

For me, making TV remakes is more of making money than creating art. These shows are not iconic and will not be remembered for a long time. Although many of them may bring back memories of iconic dialogues, they will be dubbed as trying hard and copycat. Is this the legacy we want to leave to the next generation?

So, if we really want to improve the entertainment industry to be alive again and be competitive globally, it’s time to go back to the roots again. Let us bring back the excitement while enjoying the novels of Elena M.Patron, Gilda Olvidado and Carlo J. Caparas as we sit on the stairs, reading rented komiks the whole day.

I believe that there many great novelists and story writers just waiting to be discovered. If our teens today are going crazy while reading stories at Wattpad, I suppose we can also find some Filipino authors there who write serious stories. And yes, we should stop doing TV remakes simply because we can do better than that.

By the way, don’t get me wrong. I think there are great actors and actress today, although they are not as many as before. And yes, I believe Coco Martin is one of them, besides of course that he is good looking. But I still prefer watching FPJ on his Ang Probinsyano movies over and over again rather than the TV remake.

So, to ABS-CBN…Thanks, but no thanks! 🙁

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