Why Duterte Now Running for President Changed my Mind and Might Not Vote for Him

Finally, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte will run for president in the 2016 election. The tough mayor said that he decided to run because he was dismayed with the decision of Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) not to disqualify presidentiable, Senator Grace Poe due to questionable citizenship. Apparently, this changed my mind and might not to vote for him.

I admit, I was one of the tons of followers of Mayor Duterte and I wished that he will run for president. I really believe in his capabilities as a city mayor and being able to improve Davao. Despite the controversies over alleged extrajudicial killings, I believe that he is really a ‘game changer’ and can be a great leader of my beloved country. But now, I have doubts on him.

I admired his humility in admitting that he is not dreaming of becoming the next president of the Philippines. I believe that he is sincere when he said he didn’t want to accept financial support for his presidential campaign. I don’t mind hearing him cursing in interviews and speeches, if he thinks this is an effective way of scaring bad elements of our society.

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Being a small business owner, I know corruption is far from its ending and started to lose hope. But with Duterte, my hope to at least minimize it came back. With his very strong words against criminals, I know my daughter will be safe no matter what time she comes home. And yes, I even told my family that we will move to Davao City if he will not run for president.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m also with Mayor Duterte in his disappointment over Senator Poe’s case although I already expected it right from the start. But using the issue as the triggering factor to run for president? I’m also not for Senator Chiz Escudero for vice president, but I agree with him, telling Duterte not to use Poe’s case as an excuse to run.

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If Mayor Duterte thinks his reason will strengthen my admiration for him, I’m sorry to tell him he failed. I also disagree with his statement, “There are things in life that would move a man, a citizen, to do something even if he doesn’t enjoy it.” Well, this may be applicable to other things, but not for being the president of a country. You will not succeed if you’re not enjoying what you do.

I am not also in favor of Duterte choosing Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as his running mate. I think that a Duterte-Cayetano tandem in 2016 makes him a more underdog presidentiable. I’ admit, I prefer another vice-presidentiable for him and you probably know who he is. But yes, I’m a huge fan of his father, the late Senator Renato “Compañero” Cayetano. I miss him until now.

Again, I am now starting to dislike Duterte for president but I will still monitor his actions until he finally files his Certificate of Candidacy (COC). I will study his platform and plans for the country in case he wins. I’m not yet closing my door, and might still vote for him. Just like Duterte, it’s also my right to change my mind until the final moment to decide has come.

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The above article was sent to us by a certain Julio N. He said he prefers his opinion to be published on our site instead of his Facebook page. He added that he doesn’t want his page to be flocked with Friend Requests and comments because he is seldom online.

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